A partnership, leading to a big leap in growth of Flipkart as a E-commerce giant


Flipkart has entered into a strategic partnership deal with a sporting goods company Decathlon which specializes in fitness products, clothing, footwear, and accessories. As part of the deal, Decathlon products will be available on Flipkart at the same price as that of the Decathlon stores. The deal will offer Decathlon get access to the customer base in tier II cities and towns across the country.

With Flipkart’s dominance in the online market, Decathlon is expecting to expand its reach to the wider audience. According to Head of Flipkart Fashion, Rishi Vasudev, products in more than 120 categories such as clothing, accessories, fitness equipment, sports goods, sports accessories and outdoor gear from brands including Quechua, Domyos, Kipsta, Btwin, and Kaleji will be sold on the online marketplace. All these products with 10,000 PIN codes will be available to customers. Furthermore, other 30 sports lines are expected to go live by December from Flipkart.

Decathlon headquartered in France is a sporting goods retailer which focusses on manufacturing sports products as well as distributing online and in stores. The integrated model implemented in Decathlon allows it to control all the stages of its product life from research and development to sales through design, production, and logistics.

As per Rishi Vasudev, the sports and fitness industry in India is estimated to be worth of $1.8 Bn. Right now, the online sales are at quite low at mere 7% and expected to grow by 100%. With this partnership, Flipkart is gearing to take the lead in sporting goods category.

Flipkart has been undergoing a lot of changes in higher management in recent times. Investor’s person Kalyan Krishnamurthy taking over the reins of Flipkart it is spearheaded in direction of growth so far. Though the efforts of Softbank went in vain as the merger of Softbank and Flipkart fell apart, Flipkart still obtained the investment from Softbank and the investment is being used for growth of the company.

Internet and Smartphones have changed the lives of people widely by getting them to shop with their fingertips. E-commerce through opened the platform with a wide range of goods, now adding sports has opened new avenues. People getting health conscious and reaching out to new levels of fitness the fitness equipment are the need for the hour too.

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