Why outsourcing is right for your bootstrapped business?


Almost every other start is bootstrapped. Self-funding gives entrepreneurs a platform to set their business right and helps them realise their vision to an extent until the business is ready to scale up and grow. In such given situations the entrepreneur is generally burdened with almost every other task. This can get tiring over time. To avoid this, outsourcing seems like a good solution. But how exactly will outsourcing resolve your worries as an entrepreneur and what activities can you outsource? Here are a few pointers.

  1. Website development: Having a website is one of the primary needs of a startup. Being bootstrapped, it is understood that the budget will be limited and hence choosing a too high-tech company might not be a feasible option. Choose freelance web developers or smaller organisations who are professional, have a good understanding of the matter and who are able to efficiently create your website with no compromise on quality. There are plenty of freelancers available on various platforms. Choosing the ideal one is what will make the whole difference.
  2. Designer: Apart from the web developer, you will also need a designer who will be able to create logos, posters or any designing services that you need initially. By outsourcing these, you can focus on various other services that you are expected to complete. Apart from mere finance perspective, outsourcing also gives you the flexibility to deal with other important issues. There are multiple platforms where you can get the designs done or if you know someone personally just go ahead and het your work done.
  3. Marketing: Digital marketing and offline marketing activities are a must. You can outsource your social media marketing and promotional tasks to a third party. These channels are extremely important and hence professional hep will prove to be invaluable for your brand with time. It will help your business to create the much needed awareness in the market and also sustain the competition with newer ways of promoting the business. Imagine if you have to do it all personally. Not only is it daunting but will take away some prime hours of your day which you could have otherwise spent on building the core business.
  4. Interns: Hiring interns is technically an excellent idea for a bootstrapped startup. Given the budget constraints and also the uncertainty of the work flow, interns prove to be a wise choice. It will help you get the work done by hiring the right candidates. There are several websites that help you find interns. All you have to do is register and check the skills to find the suitable person for your business. Isn’t that amazing? Go for it.
  5. Technical support: Choosing the right technology and investing in the right tech platforms early will help startups grow smoothly without any glitches. Though for this constant support is needed. Whether you want an in-house employee or you want to outsource it comes from the need of the business. But if you plan to outsource this section, then you cannot afford to settle for less. Technology is vital for a startup and hence you must go with the best. It not only saves you from the future hassles but also ensures that your startup is on the right track of growth and development.

So, if you decide to outsource any of these activities, what will be the factors that you have to keep in your mind?

  • Never give away your core: Understand what the core of your business is and make sure that you never part with it as it will establish your start-up’s survival itself. This is something that you will have to work on yourself and build the right team to work on it.
  • Manage: Outsourcing means you have to keep a tab on how the work is coming along which translates to more tracking.
  • Expenses: You have to list the overall cost of outsourcing and must be sure that it works out well by saving some good sum of money and effort.
  • Quality: No matter which section of the business you outsource, you must always focus on not giving away on quality but in the end customers look for quality.

Outsourcing is good as long as you are able to tackle it well. Make a list of things that need to be done and then decide which ones you can actually outsource. Since, we are talking this in context of bootstrapped startups, consider costs at all times.

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