What others think of women entrepreneurs?

Women have been successful in all the fields so also in Business as entrepreneurs. Women are born entrepreneurs actually they learn to get the needs met at home with a fixed small amount even when they face a financial crunch. They can work outside as well as inside thus maintaining work and life balance at the same time. They certainly can be successful when they are running their own enterprise.

We have been labelled so much from centuries and have been looked down by our male counterpart it does take an extra effort to break those barriers and come across to be an entrepreneur.

I have taken this opportunity to list out a few false ideas or beliefs about women entrepreneurs


They cannot be strict. Anybody can take them on a ride. In relations and in a society where her role was set there was no need for her to exert power on anybody. Being strict means setting rules in place and making sure they are followed which can be done by being assertive. Enterprise cannot be run with the iron hand but with a strong mind.

Not bold enough to take the decisions

They do not have in them to be bold to take calls when it comes to decision making. They are even considered to be too careful to take those risky decisions. Being an entrepreneur calls for taking those calculated risks based on one’s instinct which actually sets them on the path to one’s success. Where does this arise from because of her nurturing instinct?  Women have been ingrained with the role of protecting and nurturing our little ones but it is a big asset which will just empower her even more to take the bold calls for growth of one’s own enterprise which is no less than her dream baby.


Women do not command authority again a myth. If a woman chooses to she can command the respect of her workforce and also the customers not just because she is an entrepreneur but as a human being who leads them from the front at the same time is compassionate and works along with them. It is just a matter of choice how one chooses to get respect.

Communication skills

Women are not good at communicating. Communication plays a pivotal role for the success of any entrepreneur. When a woman can bargain and get everything needed to run a house with a meagre amount, she certainly can bargain, negotiate and communicate in such a way that they can view and dream the vision set by her. This, in turn, allows her to get them on board to work towards success.

Not cut out for being an entrepreneur

Women are not cut out to be an entrepreneur, heard it so many times. What makes them say that I wonder? Is it because we take the responsibility of the family seriously on the shoulder or is it that we cannot dedicate our self to work. Well, it is just a feedback. Women have always been good at planning and getting things done. It takes little more effort to plan and execute to get best of both the worlds. 

Not a good manager

It is a belief that one has to be looked upon by the personnel to make them toe the line. It is not the only way work needs to be done, does not matter if it is done by making them to toe the line or by empowering them with responsibility or by creating autonomy at the workplace.

The question is why these beliefs exist in first place. Is it because physically we are weaker or we keep mum at home and society front without raising our voice when we are concerned about have security and safety issues of near and dear ones. Is it being the mother, daughter, sister or wife makes us put everybody else in priority apart from us?

Women may not seem to have the physical strength to take the bull by the horns to tame but it is not the only way. Once we put our mind to a vision and set to achieve there is no stopping us from getting physically stronger if need be. By the way, physical strength is not the only way, there are a lot of choices available if you look around and women are good at finding opportunity in every challenge which will enable them to have enough tricks in the kitty to tame the bull.

 — Team SoS

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