Negotiation through Engaging Conversation

One of the frequently visited subjects, in business and daily life, is negotiation. Several approaches and techniques are described and recommended in published formats as well as seminars and gatherings, including classroom settings. The underlying emphasis is on sharpening negotiation skills for successful negotiation outcome.

The need for negotiation arises when there are differing views, positions, beliefs; demonstrated by rigid or soft standpoints during the exchange process. Any resolution calls for patience, perseverance as also effective communication. Conversation skill plays a crucial role in addressing the issue at hand profitably.

Conversation skill is cultivable. In the context of negotiation, it demands qualitative homework. It calls for active observation of situation, differing stands and individual personalities of involved ‘parties’. It requires efforts to identify the common thread. It hinges on the ability to pursue soft conversation, and thus resolutely align the differing positions. It presupposes engaging passion. It conveys sincerity. I had come across an excellent book on the subject titled: Difficult Conversations. It focuses on the power of conversation skills in resolving issues. Negotiation skill development programs emphasize on artful conversation ability.

Engaging conversation is the key to successful negotiation. And the beauty is that it is learnable.

Author: 17f9fcfProf. Dilip Patel, Dean – Nalanda International Management School, Mumbai, is a Management Advisor – Counseling, Training, Consulting, and Research.

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