Motivation Hacks That Really Work


Motivation is literally a desire to do things. It keeps varying all through the day and through the week.  At times we do experience a dip in our motivation a sense of not moving anywhere. So what do we do when we feel completely down how we charge ourselves and keep moving towards our goals? Here are few easy tricks to keep us on track even when our energy levels are not so high.

  1. Chunk Big Goal to Smaller Goals

A big target set can be a put off for anyone in the team. Just the big task with the timeline makes it sound impossible equivalent to running a marathon.  For people who are not used to running, marathon does sound like a non-attainable goal and is easy to give up without even giving a try.

What can be done is taking few minutes break and sketching the path to goal with intermittent small goals set.  On doing so, it gives a clear picture of the route to be taken and take easy steps towards reaching your goal.

  1. Treat Yourself

No matter what age we are; all of us like treats. So bribe yourself with a treat which you might enjoy the most. It might be a book, a video game, time with friends – a promise to yourself to complete the task. You will surely feel a surge in momentum to get the work done.

  1. Setting Goals with your team

Setting Goals for oneself is private where you are answerable to only yourself.  Setting goals with your team with set time limits where you have to report back on how goals were achieved. Setting promises in public will keep you on your feet and set the momentum going.

  1. Surround yourself with Inspiring People

A long term goal needs you to be motivated for a long duration of time which might take months or years to succeed.

You need to keep yourself positive and maintain the mindset for a long duration. Be in the company of people who are as hungry as you are and taking the untrodden path. There is a lot you learn from watching, reading or hearing about the leaders who have made a difference to the world. It just leaves you inspired to carry ahead.

  1. Compete with yourself and others and the same time

Winning is a word which binds us and divides us all at the same time. You can share your goals with your team, chunk it down to the small goals assigned to different teams setting timelines. This,  in turn, changes, everyday’s job to the game.

Share the progress and also the hurdles crossed with each other. You can also set the deadlines and set rewards for the accomplishments. Acknowledgment and recognition for accomplishing goals win trust from your team members and develops goodwill within the team.

Sometimes things might just not work. You win some and you lose some, but this does make the big goal more achievable and make work more fun.

— Team SoS

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