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It is clear. You are a small business – you want to be present in the online space. You have contacts – and you know few people, who know a few people. You kickstart your business by seeking your contacts to be your early customers. Then you hit a wall. The ‘known sphere comes to an end’.

It is clear that for your business to break the wall, beyond which is the ‘unknown’ world – where bulk of the customers and hence revenue lies beyond that wall. Beyond the wall is the ‘Digital world’.

Moving beyond the wall can be unnerving. What is the right thing to do? What is this about? Do I leap across or climb? Is it an abyss or a rugged mountain? Metaphorically, questions raise about the digital landscape. As a small business, the main issue is whether to divest the meagre available resources to understand this landscape, create your own digital asset and then attract the target audience. The answer is obvious – it is a cocktail of the ‘unknown’ and the ‘commitment’.

The landscape is intoxicating. It starts with your own home in the vast Internet landscape – creating your digital assets. Your website, your social media ids become your identification. It is wrong to underestimate your presence. Your website represents your brand showroom and your front office. Imagine your customers walking by it all the time. Do you have enough to attract? The user interface and experience, the content in various formats, audio, video, text – shall incite your customers to be attracted, informed, helped to make decisions, and even, acting on those. Each customer passing by is a potential opportunity.

Similarly is your social media – your id is your presence. It is your digital asset – and again content plays a very important role. The key is to answer the fundamental questions of what, when, who, how etc., while making the experience count. It is not about what attracts a customer, but how he or she is responded to.

Digital Customer response strategies ( called Online Customer Service, Online Reputation Management) make the Digital Journey of a business that much complex. In some cases, the business may demand a time bound result out of a Digital Engagement – we can call them Digital Campaigns.

The point is you cannot cut your leg to fit the shoe. A ‘Digital Debut’ of a business needs strategizing to the extent that it helps its growth without becoming a liability. The Digital Transformation, therefore, is an essential area of where experience meeting opportunity.

Bueno Digital offers Digital Transformation consulting services for Enterprises and Small Business.

Ashok Subramanian

Author: Ashok Subramanian is an Entrepreneur, Business Strategist and Investor.  He shuttles between Bengaluru and New York running his Investment Consulting, Strategic Ventures and Technology business.

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