How to make an optimal use of email marketing campaign?

Selling has evolved with internet times increasing the number of ways to sell products and services. In short, it has enhanced the approach to wide audience and to try hands in making them their customers. Email Marketing is considered to be marketing avenue with highest ROI(Return-On-Investment). According to the surveys conducted to every rupee or dollar spent it is expected to get 38 and 42 times in the return. The numbers speak for themselves, thus making Email marketing crucial for any company to sell their products or services.

ROI is built over time with strategies which can escalate sales. Email Marketing is one of the inbound marketing strategies which aim at converting leads to sales. This works in accordance with the content marketing tactics coupled with SEO and social media strategy implemented in the company. Emails are used to close the leads generated previously through the above tactics.

With smartphones and emails at fingertips with shortening of the response time, it becomes a necessity to understand how the process works and how to carry out the tested strategies. A well designed and thought out email marketing policy is needed to guarantee good returns.

There are quite a few Email marketing tools available in the market which can be used for this purpose. MailChimp, Mailjet, AWeber, SendinBlue can be compared and verified which one works the best for your purpose.

There are few which are free or paid marketing and growth hacking tools available which can be used too. The tools help to automate the process from testing your emails, analyze the campaigns and much more.

First and foremost thing is to build the Mail list of customers or audience from them directly either from CTA form or through advertisements which indicates that they are aware of the existence of the product or service. This plays a crucial role for the strategy to succeed as emails sent out randomly to all the names in the database will eventually end up in spams. Email marketing works wonders when used with a crafted strategy to create a loyal customer base.

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