How To Maintain Productivity In An Open Concept Office


A peek to Open Work Spaces

With shared spaces coming to the scene, the work environment is also changing with times. The concept of open space work environment has its own advantages and also disadvantages.

 On the brighter side, it provides nice cozy and collaborative arrangement for the ever growing team working together towards the common goal. It does build camaraderie, collaboration, and open communications which are essential for building the team.

A day in working professional’s life is jam-packed with tasks to accomplish and a To Do list at hand.

Finding Quiet Space

At times, just being alone in silence helps to solve issues at hand. This is quite a challenge to get when you are in open space environment. The choice would be to mark a corner in the work environment at ‘No Talk Zone’ so that it can be open for anyone who chooses to be in quite a space.

Positive Starts to the Day

Positive Thinking and vibrations have always found to inspire and motivate everyone. Getting to the routine wherein a small five minute activities can be organized to energize the team on a turn basis. It can vary from yoga, meditation, inspirational stories, funny videos or flash dance parties. These energizers brake the ongoing thought process in a person and get them back to present moment.

Walk the Talk

Instead of using the mails and phones if the issues can be sorted out by talking to the person then there is no better way. It has numerous advantages such as being mobile and also helps in building the rapport.

Setting Clear Expectations

Open WorkSpaces call for clear rules to be set. Apart from the work issues, the decorum of the space needs to be maintained. It might be to keep the phone volumes low and to have a conversation with team workers such that others are not disturbed. Utmost care should be taken to make sure that productivity is not compromised with.

Work environment has evolved with times wherein the managers had the privilege of the separate office space from the rest of the workforce. Open workspaces benefit cost wise can be used for one’s benefit with clear set rules set in place.

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