Incubators that you must be aware of in Bengaluru

The main goal of a business incubator is to encourage the development of new business within the local community. By assisting a local entrepreneur to start a company in the area, the community is likely to benefit from an increase in the number of available jobs in the area and the additional revenue that is brought to the city or town as a result of the new business activities. Both elements can help to revitalize a local economy and thus enhance the quality of life for everyone who lives and works in the area.

  1. Tlabs: TLabs -Times Internet Limited


Founded in 2011, TLabs, simply put is a startup accelerator as well as an early stage seed-fund for Indian internet and mobile technology startups. What sets TLabs apart and makes it as one of the most established accelerators in the country are the mentors who include well-renowned and experienced entrepreneurs. Here is a look into the workings of our accelerator program that has been nourishing and honing some of the most promising startups in the country.

The Propositions

Following are the reasons why you should consider applying to TLabs are:

  • It has an in-house team that provides support through weekly catch-ups across different verticals of the business
  • It has access to over 100+ experts who are mentors of the program and guide startups on specific issues
  • There is regular engagement with early-stage VCs and angels through multiple sessions and finally demo months
  • It has access to a network of like-minded peers allowing for an ecosystem where startups get to learn from each other and work together

How it works

The Accelerator program at TLabs is structured down to the minutest detail. Spread over 16 weeks, the program is broken down into 4 phases. Here is a breakdown of what the Accelerator program entails.

TLabs helps entrepreneur’s ideas reach their potential and bridge the otherwise wide and often uncrossable gap between entrepreneurs and the investor community. To be selected for this program is to get mentorship and guidance from those who have been there and done. And in a world with cut-throat competition, startups could use all the edge they could get!



  1. Excubator:

Excubator draws its inspiration from the Latin word “Excubo“ – “I keep watch” . Excubator is a startup incubator and a corporate venturing advisory.

At the heart of Excubator is the entrepreneur who we serve through our Excube360 platform. Excube360 provides them with the real-time guidance and support needed to begin building a successful start-up practice.

The second part of Excubator’s mission is to assist investors, large global enterprises and incubation centers to discover, screen, mentor, select and scale brilliant entrepreneurs, again, through the Excube360 platform.

Set up by a team of people who not only have significant entrepreneurial experience but also the experience of guiding large global enterprises, successful start-up founders and academic institutions in setting up entrepreneurship practices, Excubator’s team has the experience of guiding many hundreds of entrepreneurs scale their businesses into world-class ventures.

  • Deep-dive Mentoring

Entrepreneurs need professional guidance to shape their strategy and direction. We roll up our sleeves and get deeply involved with you to create your growth trajectory. We help you review your progress periodically and keep you on track. Periodically, you will engage with our media partners and our investor network.

  • Early access to customers

We help open doors to the right kind of customers you are looking for. This helps you validate your product for its market fit. And these early test customers, more often than not, become real paying customers for you soon.

  • Collaborative Startup Environment

At Excubator, you will learn from other startups and enthusiastically support each other. Many Excubator start-ups find synergies among themselves for good business partnerships. You will find the collaborative workspace environment at Excubator as one of the most valuable propositions for you.

  • Access to the expert ecosystem

At Excubator, you will get open access to one of the best expert ecosystems available: technology, legal, finance, intellectual property and user experience design. These experts are masters in their own domains and are known for their contribution to the start-up community.


+91 9845032742

  1. Let’s Venture:

LetsVenture enables startups looking to raise seed/angel money to create investment ready profiles online, and connect to accredit Investors. We also allow start-ups to get their business plans reviewed by our experts as well as connect to mentors.

Once a startup has verbal commitments from investors, the LetsVenture team helps them in the funding closure process through our Commitment-to-Closure package. The package takes care of closure of term sheet & shareholders’ agreement, and complete legal & financial due diligence!

Startups in Investor Connect :

  • Register your startup profile with all the required information.
  • Apply for Investor Connect – LV Startup team approves fundraiser request or gives feedback to make your profile investor ready.
  • Connect with investors through the platform.
  • Investors express interest and commit money into your Startup.
  • Optionally you can apply for Featured Syndicate – see below.

Featured Syndicates :

  • Apply for the featured syndicate.
  • LV team introduces you to select investors on the platform.
  • Participate in pitching sessions.
  • Investors express interest and commit money.
  • Post online commitments, the LetsVenture team helps coordinate due-diligence, paperwork, and transfer of money to your Startup.

Startups not actively fundraising :

  • Register your startup profile with all the required data.
  • Join a community of Founders, Advisors, and Mentors
  • Post job openings for building your A – team.
  • Apply to Incubators, Accelerators, & Startup competitions.
  • Connect with Trusted Service Providers (feature coming soon).
  • Get featured as a trending startup to gain visibility (feature coming soon).



  1. Kyron:

About Kyron

Kyron is a business platform that navigates challenges to inspire innovation. Kyron identifies the business needs of Fortune 500 companies and links them to innovative solutions offered by startups. In the process, we create a unique business ecosystem of opportunities for startups and Fortune 500 companies.

About ANSR

ANSR, since its inception in 2005, has been at the forefront of establishing, operating and managing technology and innovation centers for global Fortune 500 industry leaders across retail, financial services, media, and education domains. ANSR’s portfolio companies have cumulatively invested over $600 million in such capabilities, hired over 25,000 employees and have leased over 3 million sq ft of office space in India.

Funding: It offers up to $30,000 in funding in return for 6-10% equity stake, in addition to providing CXO Services.

Kyron is a next generation global accelerator for early stage technology startups. It has several acceleration programs as mentioned below.

LEAP (Leading Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program)

It is an initiative to engage Indian startups in areas including big data, mobility, supply chain, marketing, omnichannel and security. It’s an eight-week program sponsored by MAST Globa. The accelerator program includes working with CIO as well as leadership teams from MAST Global, coaching on pitch sessions, along with a demo day with brand leaders and top investors.

Swiss Re InsurTech Accelerator

It’s a 20-week intensive program to help startups with the potential of disrupting insurance practices.

What do they provide?

  • They provide startups with access to global expertise, mentoring from global leaders and insights from Swiss Re team.
  • Engagement with global reinsurance leader
  • 3+1 month of office space
  • Invitation to participate in industry related events
  • State of art facility located in Bangalore

  1. Venture Factory:

Venture Factory is an initiative by i2india, which was established in 2008 with the mission of bridging the innovation gap in India. i2india was created on foundational investments by Imperial Innovations Plc UK (The Technology Transfer arm of Imperial College, London), CMG Partners UK and various leading Indian industry experts and leaders such as Tata Sons.

Our mission is to be the country’s foremost Startup Builders. Venture Factory aims to do so by accelerating and de-risking startup creation, while simultaneously filling in the product innovation gap in India. The Venture Factory methodology provides systematic, high impact and end-to-end support to its ventures. Early-stage venture building in India follows a different path than that in developed countries. Eco-system gaps, talent development, and monetization are but a few such factors that make the western “cut-paste” business models difficult to scale in India.

What makes Venture Factory unique is that unlike many other investment groups, i2india is founded and managed by a team of experienced hands-on entrepreneurs. It is the founders’ operational experience and insights that led to the innovative Venture Factory model.

The Venture Factory methodology adds operational muscle to scaling up start-ups at an extremely fast pace. Venture Factory provides a hyper-charged and collaborative environment for different startup teams to co-mingle and learn from each other. The varying expertise and variety of different perspectives assembled in a fun, inspiring environment which is hard to replicate. The Venture Factory has taken great efforts and investments to create this enriching and uplifting environment. This conducive environment is designed to remove all operational challenges so commonly encountered in Indian startups, allowing entrepreneurs on focusing only on their personal development and venture building. The difference is truly transformational. Take a Factory Tour to experience it yourself.


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