How to increase your influence as an entrepreneur?

Starting a business is the first part of it whereas growing it is the integral part which marks your survival as a businessman. Just having a sellable product is one thing but selling it well is another thing altogether. More than just the product it is the way you grow your network in the business. Growing the network does not mean just getting in touch with people for your gains it is in ways changing or adapting yourself as a people’s person whose words are valued and a person who can influence them with your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

Drawing people towards you such that they look up to you is the key and first step in the journey of developing a network.


Any relationship seller to the buyer or a leader and his follower is based on trust. Trust on the person who stands by his word in any situation will earn you people for life. One instance words are not kept, people just stop coming back.


Strive for excellence is held on the highest pedestal. Steve Jobs and his creation Apple is a classic example. Once they are attracted to this quality of excellence you have gained the market for your product.

Understand the needs of others and help them to achieve it

Knowing the urgent need in the person opposite to you takes a while. It is universal that all of us are striving to satisfy some need of ours. Knowing, acknowledging and in case you can help just lending a helping hand to achieve them success will, in turn, gain faithful following from there end


Is there any metric to measure success? It is hypothetical how is it measured by financial gain or popularity in the market? Success can be termed as a path paved with honest efforts, keeping word and reaching your goal. Name and Fame are forced to follow you.

Communication and Never Give Up attitude

Speaking is an art to be excelled with time and effort. Communicating such that you connect with the opposite person draws them to you again and again.

Be ready to go an extra mile to get things right is highly regarded. Make yourself a person to look up to in times of distress. Being approachable and ready to give a hand to finish the tasks termed as impossible will make you popular

Create interest in yourself and develop interest in others

Make yourself interesting.One simple way is to keep updated about various topics and current affairs which help you to hold the conversation with people with varied backgrounds.

Same time, be genuine while listening to other people’s interests acknowledging them and appreciating them. This gives you recognition as an empathetic listener.

Quite a few people are inborn with these qualities but most of us or not. These qualities can be cultivated with time just being aware of our actions at the moment.

— Team SoS

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