Importance of Communities for Startups!


We live in the community and everything we design and discover or innovate is going to be for the community. So communities play a pivotal role in the every aspect of our life; from personal to professional to business and even for the start-ups too. So how do these communities play a role in our startup’s life is to expose oneself to the like-minded people who have tested and tried the tricks of the trade of start-ups from inception. Below we will talk about few aspects in which Startups are going to benefit from the communities.

Opportunity to Learn from other’s failures

Being in the community gets you the information of the tried and tested tricked which have failed and in case you can relate to it or just observe you will come across the possibilities which could have worked better or whether to try it at all. This is valued information which you cannot get from any number of books.

Learning the tricks of the trade

Starting afresh into the Startups can be exciting and quite trying at the same time as it exposes you to many aspects of the business at once.  Here is a place where you can look for some tips to smooth over the rough path from the fellow people who have paved the path before.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge comes in all forms and in all directions, all you need is to be attentive and aware at the moment. The knowledge that gets passed over by experienced people is something to be cherished and memorized as it is shared from the years of experience.

Establishing connections

This provides you a wonderful opportunity to connect to various people across the society. They can be either experienced entrepreneurs in a different sector, potential customers, and tech geeks with an idea or your future team mates. All you need is to figure who fits where and build rapport with them.

Constant Support

Once in the community and having built relations within the group, you can rely on the group for the constant support in case of need. It gives you an opportunity to build a give and take in terms of tips or advice or knowledge as required at the moment.

Homo Sapiens have thrived and survived together in communities. Our history is full of the civilizations such as Indus Valley, Mesopotamian, and the list goes on. So the communities benefit in any form either it is just to get information or for spreading information or to make people aware of the new products to be launched. The product can be tested too in these communities to get the initial feedback on what is working and what not. In fact, it can be used in an infinite number of ways. In spite of digitization and various fast communication facilities this community setup still works the best when it comes to Startups.

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