Got to work remotely? Here is how.

Working from home has come as a boon to so many of us who find it too strenuous to commute and also have needs to be met at the same time. Work from home has opened up many channels for women to work which was nonexistent until the last decade. This has been of great help for women who had taken a break from their career due to personal reasons. It is a boon because it gives the flexibility to work at your time but also a bane when your home becomes your workplace. What do we tell about the technology but to thank which has created the privilege ‘Remote working’ a reality? This has become so popular which is being considered by personnel in general as one of the options while accepting the offer letters in companies.

Coming to the challenging part of work from home is how do we make it productive?

Setting time

Fixing up the work hours during the day without distractions would be quite a challenge. As it is home there are bound to be distractions unless it is a ‘home alone’ situation. Sticking to the routine of time would work well. Keep your manager and colleagues updated about the time of your work.

This can get little tricky, you finish all your chores at home and then start work or vice versa. There is no go-between once the work starts.

Setting one’s workplace

Need to have a workplace which is organized and gives a sense of working environment.  Keeping it uncluttered and surrounded with objects/articles required for work.

Plan ahead

This is the most important thing when it comes to working. It would be preferred if one can plan ahead about what needs to be done to the full stop. Detailed ‘To Do list’ gives the clarity of the work to be done and also it has to be prioritized by giving the order in which it needs to be done. This helps in getting things done in a flow and to accomplish and tasks set for oneself.

But there always have to be room for flexibility. If in case something else comes up which is not in the list, there should be room for changing the order of doing things. This does happen quite a few times during working days.

Setting small goals

This helps in setting oneself into the process of working towards the completion of work. In turn, you can also take a small break for relaxation.

Communicate your requirements with people staying at home

One has to convince them about the time dedicated to work and your needs clearly. As it is home, there needs to be transparency about the workspace and time set aside and also to keep you from being disturbed now and then. 

Let everyone know

Time has to be set aside for sending emails and phone calls. This would be crucial for one who is working from home.  Everything needs to be kept transparent and up-to-date.

Remove the distractions

We tend to get distracted with the messages appearing constantly in WhatsApp or the urge to keep checking one’s social media or just browsing. Best would be removing them from the toolbar. Less the distractions more productive one is.

 ‘Me’ Time

Staying at home and also working from home can get quite strenuous and take a toll on oneself.  One has to make time in the day to just get away from home to get some fresh air and for keeping oneself fit and to recharge one.

If above few things can be put in place then there is no reason why it cannot be used to our advantage.  One has the satisfaction of working and also has the comfort to be at home and attend to their other needs. It does save you a couple of hours spent in commute which can be utilized as required by one.

— Team SoS 

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