Go strong with the positives you own!

As the saying goes that the mold was broken once the model was made all of us are unique and different with varied strengths and weaknesses. The school of thought we have been brought up with has always trained us to focus our time and attention on our weaknesses. But the question that arises here is why should we become good in everything is it because we are yearning for acceptance and a tag as ‘Jack of All master of none’ or is it something else what exactly are we looking for?

Well, here let’s talk about just accepting that we do have weaknesses so how do we become aware of it. In everyday life you might be putting on few things such as being organized, do you like doing the repetitive tasks? And the list goes on.

With introspection, you can become aware of your weaknesses. If none of them is life threatening, it’s best to be ignored. Leave them alone. Now focus on your strengths. Think of the times you were appreciated for things might be your oratory skills, writing skills, painting or Mathematics. Which of these make the adrenalin rush in your body and you can carry on for hours without getting tired, these are the ones which need to be tended with care and love. The more you strengthen your strengths more the miles you can traverse in your career and your life.

One might have more than one area of strength. It is a choice of an individual which area he/she is going to pursue life. The classic example is Albert Einstein who could play violin with as much ease as were in creative thinking. Well, would we have another Mozart in him if in case he had just pursued his music?

Instead of spending time and energy on our weaknesses try to find something complimentary. The same effort spent on honing your strengths is bound to take you to a new level where in you will find yourself in the position of your choice rather being mediocre in trying to master which you consider as a weakness.

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