For a World of Women

Prima facie, I am against any labels. Caste, race, gender, color, country. This puts us at odds with what this article is about. Why should we consider ‘women’ special? Because they did not have ‘their’ chances? Because this is a man’s world? Because they are less capable? One moot point is that – if I was against any labels, I would be an ‘equal opportunity’ person. Then, why should I even write about women especially?

Keep this point aside – Equal opportunity vs this article. Let’s consider another situation. Not far into the future, we might end up seeking agnosticism from even machines. Whether it is human or machines, why would we have to discriminate? Even if a Robot applies for a job, it might win on merit. So why should it not get a job or an opportunity? When humans become weaker, would we have ‘human activism’ – when machine start to take over jobs?

I would believe that if you are going to find ‘human activists’ when Robots are going to take over your jobs, then you should expect that ‘equal opportunity activism’ within the human race itself to evolve to support a ‘label’s’ cause. Which means that labels should be supported till there is a level playing field. This brings us back to the focus of this article. Women activism is therefore, a necessary vehicle to promote ‘women in various walks of life’. They are after all, the largest ‘label’ that have been deprived of equal opportunity.

There are many ways to do that – reservations, mandatory diversity, role models, focus groups among others. One way is for the men to step back. Step back and let women be. That is when we create ‘a world of women’. This world is run by women. This is not a favor or a ‘holier thou attitude’ – but it is about creating the ‘necessity’ which becomes the bedrock of evolution. Till the fish landed on land, it never learnt to be an amphibian.

Let me be quick to tell you that a world of women includes men. Men play roles, but it is a women’s world. In this chaotic universe, it is hard to start. That is where, we create ‘pockets’ to start with and expand. Social, business and national leadership with women – and men step back to support and execute.

Perspectives and the Starting Point:

It is Utopian. It is Crazy. But that’s how all changes start. A world of women means that decisions that rely on women only, the glass ceiling falls off. The death of patriarchy is the first step. A man considers woman as a decision maker and a person who leads, and not trails. The men begin with stepping down and replacing themselves with suitable women, and only women. Tough? May be. Is there a company or nation that can start this?

Look forward to your thoughts.

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Author: Ashok Subramanian is an Entrepreneur, Business Strategist and Investor.  He shuttles between Bengaluru and New York running his Investment Consulting, Strategic Ventures and Technology business

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