Follow These 7 Steps to Stay Focused and Reach Your Goals

Setting goal for oneself is very much important. They can be small time goals or a big goal. Any goal needs one to plan the path to be paved to reach it. It includes setting the time frame, tasks to be done, setting small milestones, intermittent checks for the progress done, rescheduling of the tasks in case of failures finally to keep the buffer time also. This really is quite a daunting task. It does sound difficult but not impossible. It can be done by careful planning and by optimal usage of time.

Below listed are seven steps which will help you to remove the clutter and plan the day such that there is clarity in picture and one is aware of every step taken towards the goal.

Be Single minded

Focus on one thing at a time. Prioritize the tasks and time them such that undivided attention is given to the task in hand. It is easier to accomplish the task faster and efficiently too. Bigger or tougher issues are to be tackled as priority. Doing multiple tasks at the same time will not yield efficiency in the work.

Undisturbed Time

Dedicate fixed amount of time in the working hours for a given project. On completion of project update the progress against the date and time in the calendar. This gives a fair picture and also will be accountable about one’s own work.

Keep fit

All work and no play make one dull. Take up a sport or any physical activity to keeps oneself active to get some fresh air. Key is to take some time off without phone, tab or laptops. When work is getting too cluttered and not moving smoothly, it is good to take a small break such as quick walk in the surrounding. In fact walking calms one’s mind. Keeping oneself hydrated and eating healthy also helps to improve one’s focus in work. Key is to have a good health and a stress free mind to keep one charged to work towards your goal.

Set trackers

Time management plays a pivotal role in work day. Time management software can be used to know how one’s time is spent in laptop or on mobile. At the end of the day one gets idea about the time spent and can plan according for the consecutive days. Benefits of technology can be applied to track oneself and also others in the time to decrease the distractions in the work environment. Productivity of work by oneself and also the team will be increased. Internet and social media can be too tempting having will power is different but technology lends helping hand manage these temptations.

Quiet Time

Set a fixed time to do anything that reduces the stress. It might be just painting, drawing, cooking or even meditating. Anything that calms one’s mind and makes one aware of his/her senses and to be in present. Mindfulness is the in thing now. There are guided meditations are available which can be utilized at any point of day to relax. Mindfulness or the practice of staying attentive at the present moment has been shown to scientifically change the neuro pathways of the in our brains making us to focus better and regulate emotions better. It takes time to learn but found to be very effective.


Music has its own way of healing one. It works in many ways. Can be used to remove distraction one is in and focus better. Familiar list of tunes will remove the noise around.  It is proved to improve personnel mood and playing background music while performing repetitive task improves work efficiency.

Prioritize the Communication channels

Communication is most important part of every working day. Prioritize them if the mails have to be sent or a phone call will do or a chat with the coworker would do. Cut the clutter where it is not required hence keeping the communication channel simple and such that there is optimal usage of time.

Stay focused, achieve more!

— Team SoS 

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