Fashion startups: Trends and more!

Staying fashion forward is no more a cliché. The latest set of startups have gone all the possible extra miles to create wonders for customers in the fashion industry. With technology they are now providing personalised services, daily fashion tips, virtual rooms and much more. So this is the era for all the fashionistas to make the most of styles, trends and some bling. Apparently, even though the startup funding was not very exciting for other sectors fashion startups witnessed a consistent growth of investment.

We have listed out some interesting fads that were triggered by the fashion startups and here’s how they look:

  1. Renting is trending: There are many of us who buy exquisite ball gowns, dresses or accessories and then don’t use them at all. Then what do we do with these? Hide them in the dark corners of the wardrobes and crib about lack of space. E-commerce fashion startups came with the unique concept of renting these online. Flyrobe is one of the startups that is utilising this idea. Launched by IIT Grads Shreya Mishra, Pranay Surana, and Tushar Saxena the startup is gearing up as it has raised $1.7 million in seed funding from Sequoia India.
  2. Searching is easy as breeze: If you want to replicate your fashion icons but are wondering where you will get those exact looking pieces locally, here is your answer. SeenIt is a startup that helps people find dresses, accessories, gear, anything that is related to fashion shopping. The startup uses Artificial Intelligence for visual recognition that has intense data requirements generated by the team. The startup has raised an undisclosed amount as seed funding.
  3. Curated advice for your fashion needs: Whether you need makeup advice or simple nail art tips you can get it directly from the fashion bloggers by following them. Apart from this you get to shop like any other e-commerce website. That is what Roposo is doing, right now. Similarly, Wooplr gives edgy tips and lessons on what is trending in the fashion industry across and you can get it back home.
  4. Solving the ethnic complex: No matter how many sarees you have, you always feel hopeless when you have to select something for an occasion. Voonik helps by simplifying it for you. It has a wide range of ethnic clothes to choose from. Started by Sujayath Ali and Navaneetha Krishnan in 2013 it boasts over 1.5 million products now in store.
  5. Fusion is in: A lot of fashion startups are now looking at home grown professionals and are blending handicrafts, traditional weaving with western twist. Smaller online fashion startups such as Rust Orange, Vajor, Tjori are some of the names that strikes our minds when we think of fusion. Their variety and options make them interesting and appealing for customers.
  6. Virtual trial rooms: If you scared of trying an outfit in a trial room, then you can choose to go virtual. Yes. That is what is making fashion tech startup wow about. Then there are virtual mirrors where you pick your choice of clothing from the catalogue and the screen will superimpose the garment.

As per the experts the 7k crore rupees online fashion market will account to 35% of the total online retail market by 2020. While the demand retail lifestyle business in India is estimated to be $70 billion about 2% of it is online. Out of 20 million estimated SMEs that manufacture and retail lifestyle products, less than 1% are online. This itself shows the kind of space that fashion startups have to grow, build and thrive. This backed by astounding tech features, the game is on to a completely different level. It’s about time to sit back and indulge.

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