Your failure can be your inspiration to success!

Startup failures

What is it to fail? Is it that we associate the term ‘Fail’ when desired outcome is not achieved?

Failure can be in many forms like fear of trying; financial loss or end product is not as it was envisioned. But should that stop you from doing what you really are passionate about. Failure in life gives so many learnings which are not taught in any school. No amount of planning and precautions gets you ready for facing failures in life. Failures leave you with lot of resentment, disappointment ending in a low self-confidence. But on the other side it also gives you a chance to reflect and learn from the experience of failure. These learnings are going to be stepping stones of success in future.

Fail Fast is not about the big issues but small ones which are encountered while developing the product or while establishing the company. While some ideas might work while some might fail. Ideas which would have worked may not match the expected outcome.

So what do we do when we fail?

Take Time Out

Spend time with yourself. Calm down and then reflect upon the process followed. Introspect. Understand the various reasons that led and focus your energy in having them corrected.

List it out

Write down every small thing which would have resulted in failure. It might be a fear of changing to something unconventional, research or design or marketing. Reflect. Come up with final list of reasons which might have caused failure

Take Away

If failures are lessons then make a list of all that you have leant with your experience. Make sure that these lessons are then given suitable solutions that will be rectified and won’t be repeated.

Learn to take failure in stride

Fail the word itself puts us down. It is hard. Accepting the failure makes it easier to try again. This time though you are treading the path cautiously. Also there would be lot of backup plans in place in case of any kind of mishap happens. It does help one to be well prepared to handle failures when they occur and still pave the path of success.

Good team

Have a good team of personnel who are not scared of trying new things. Empower them with your vision. As they see you being flexible they too will be ready to adapt and do the required at the moment without hesitation.

Embrace the failure. Learn from the failure and surge ahead. There is nothing more to stop you from succeeding.

— Team SoS

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