Factors to consider while naming your company


The name gives a unique identity to the person or company which we are naming. To the person, one’s own name is the sweetest word one would like to hear. Similarly creating an identity for your company itself will embark you on a journey to select one engulfing you with a feeling of creating something special and unique which you dream to be spelled out on everyone’s minds.

Creating a brand with the Name

This is an aspect which is looked for when it comes to selecting the name. A name that is simple to pronounce, a logo which can be easily associate with by one and all is the need. For example  Yahoo, Google, and Adidas.

Name reflects the Business

The logo and name are to be selected in accordance with your business whether it is retail sales, cloud computing, consulting or educational. The center of focus here is that on hearing the name it should ring a bell to what the company is up to rather than leaving the audience wonder about what it is all about?

Creating Unique Names

While selecting a name, one needs to carefully consider whether they are sounding too similar to the existing ones. This simple check initially will save you a lot of money and time being spent. Once you know there is nothing that sounds similar or same first step is to verify with Intellectual Property Lawyer who can review before going ahead to register under the Companies Act as per the constitutional laws.

Selecting the Domain name

As the name is decided next is to have the domain name. If there already a domain name exists you can further check if it is .co or .com. With the internet becoming part of everyone’s lives it really does not matter with the extension much. Factor that needs attention here is whether you are choosing to conduct business in India or reaching out to other customers as well. In case it is India then .in works well too.

The name is quite important. Keeping it simple, easy to pronounce with a logo to relate to your business would work fine. It is the business which will add value to the name and create a brand for the company at the end of the day.

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