Entrepreneurs who failed to succeed


We often listen to quotes such as “Success is never ending and failure is never final.” But dealing with failure takes much more than it is talked about. Apart from the low morale, entrepreneurs have to deal with the stigma attached to their losses and also strive much harder to prove their worth in the next venture. Whether it is a next business or a job, people around treat them with a lot of skepticism which is tough to handle. But let us not forget that even though the road isn’t easy, it is not impossible to achieve what has been dreamt about. With hard work and passion all that can occur is success that lasts. Here are few examples of some great leaders who fell well before they dusted themselves and rose to shine through.
1. The Huffington story: Almost all of us read this portal every once in a while. But what is astonishing is the fact that Arianna Huffington – one of the leaders in online publications got rejected 36 times and by many major publishing houses. Even when the online publication was started there were plenty of negative comments about it. But with time it has broken all the prejudices attached including it and now stands on its own as an undistinguished brand.
2. Walt Disney: Yes. He was told that what he lacked was creativity. Imagine our world if he had believed what was told to him and had stopped trying. But he didn’t give up. He formed his own animation company Laugh-O-Gram Films which raised a good amount but closed due to business reasons. It was then he launched Disney and made way to Hollywood. The rest is known history.
3. Milton Hershey: After being fired from an apprenticeship, Hershey started three separate candy-related ventures and oddly all of them crumbled to failure. In one last attempt, Hershey founded the Lancaster Caramel Company, and started seeing enormous results. Believing in his vision for milk chocolate for the masses, he eventually founded the Hershey Company and became one of the most well-known names in the industry.
So, with these it is evident that:
1. Entrepreneurs who succeed are the ones who refuse to give up.
2. It is ok to make mistakes but it important to learn from them and be more watchful.
3. If you fall, get up with more determination to chase what you have envisioned.
From Oprah Winfrey to Steven Spielberg to Steve Jobs, most of them have tasted failure before relishing success. So keep trying and achieve high.

Poornima Laxmeshwar

Poornima Laxmeshwar is the content editor at Star of Startups, a poet and a writer. Her prose poetry and Haiku have been published in various magazines. “Anything But Poetry” is a published collection of her verses. Poornima is inclined towards writing about women and issues circling their entrepreneurial dreams.

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