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Common factors seen in an Entrepreneur are passion, never give up attitude and tread that extra mile alone which are commonly seen amongst this clan. But is that it? What else sets them apart? What are those innate qualities that actually drive them every day?

Being on the Edge

They like to be on the edge all the time, they don’t just stop on reaching one lamp post called success but ready to venture and find what next. They have this innate thirst to keep challenging themselves and to keep moving from one success to another. Success itself is a journey and not the goal for them.

Like to hold the reins tight

They are not ready to let go of the things out of hand to others in any situation. They would like to have a say or have a hand in everything concerned in their business.

Thrives in facing odds

Odds do not deter them, but they thrive in facing them not bothered about the time, money or having company or not. They are ready to give in whatever it takes to get to where they want to reach. This unstoppable nature to carry on alone comes only from intrinsic motivation which comes from within.


Money matters, in fact, it matters a lot. But more than that what drives them is the thrill of adventure that they experience while launching the new venture, their dream goal. The sense of freedom one feels breathing every waking moment of living and making their dream a reality is what sets them on apart.

Fit in the crowd

If you look around, many entrepreneurs have confessed that they do not fit in the crowd. Well, it is the perspective with which they see the world different or may be with tinted glasses. They see an opportunity a visual reality which is not seen by others.

Belief in oneself

They tread a thin line being confident or over confident.  The classic example would be Steve Jobs who believed it is an utter waste of time and money to have marketing research done as he felt consumers do not know what they need unless you make them realize with a demo in hand. Well, this goes quite against the norms of the business industry who have always trodden this path of research before going ahead with the development of the product. The willingness to question the norms and setting your own rules sets them to bar above others.


Introverts or a person with few words have always proved to be good listeners. One does not need to be loud and assertive all the time. Well, it can be observed, they do speak but they choose their occasions very carefully and come forth with their facts.

At times they may sound and look crazy. It is just that they are too caught up finding ways rather focused on how they will be perceived by others. This doesn’t care damn nature is also what leads them to be an entrepreneur.

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