Enterprise as an Adventure of Expedition


Nothing excites me more than entrepreneurial journey Katha. They are grounded in real life experience laced with spicy, sour and sweet ingredients. But they reflect truism.

Enterprise is founded on adventurous steps which are risk-laden. Take the case of an unusual entrepreneur who is an allopath medical doctor by training that we met recently. He took a risky decision to give up his allopath practice, that too at a very young age and just at the beginning of his career, to initiate his journey into Ayurveda guided treatment regime. Indeed, what he followed in Ayurveda practice was unconventional and path breaking, with taking attendant risk of failure while scaling this expedition.

Not that he was greeted with successes all the way. There were decision mistakes, some of them of very serious nature. There were failures of action steps. Complexity and uncertainty arising out of differing approaches of top management added to this mess. And the expedition apparently was on the verge of being abandoned due to stormy weather.

But that was not to be. A GENUINE entrepreneur that this doctor is did not give up. He had to take some harsh decisions. And the implementation process became painfully long drawn. The enterprise did suffer in the meanwhile. It also meant strategic contraction and consequent pay outs emerging from the same. But this STAR entrepreneur was hell bent on continuing with his climbing despite apparently unfriendly weather. This determined stand and jealous efforts are yielding results now and the Climber is again ready for a faster and bigger scaling.

I have narrated the true life experience of an entrepreneur in brief. You derive your own meaning. And lessons if you like.

Author: 17f9fcfProf. Dilip Patel, Dean – Nalanda International Management School, Mumbai, is a Management Advisor – Counseling, Training, Consulting, and Research.

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