Embrace Transparency of Company’s state of affairs with Investors


Investors form an integral part of the business. They are in it only for getting good returns on the investment done. The process of getting funding is quite a long process for the founders who go through a grueling process to close the round with the investors.

While investing, investors look at the current state the company is in. The company’s growth in previous years, investment taken, revenue generated and business metrics are taken into consideration. These are used as a basis to know the general health of the company.

When the time arises to be upfront with the current state of affairs it has been found that company details are not presented as it is. This might be due to quite a few reasons

  • Fear of not getting the investment
  • Confidence that the issues existing can be sorted out without making it public
  • Fear that it might raise questions about the efficiency of the company and also on the founders
  • Fear to face the reality

Facing the fact and accepting it the only way you can move ahead. This is the first step to working at the problem. Accepting and being transparent about it also helps the company in building its stature in following way

Building Company’s Credibility and Trust

Being Transparent gains trust, respect, and credibility for you and also for the company too. In the world of business trust and credibility gain foothold faster than generating revenues. Once you gain the trust of the community it eases the path for doing business.

Builds Team

Transparency is not only for the investors but also for the fellow people with you in the company. The transparency helps you to gain their confidence that they are on a ship with the right captain who certainly is going to take it in the right direction. In turn, you have created a team who stand by you no matter what.

Probability of Getting Help

As you have created a trusted circle of people around you, you are assured to get help without asking in trying time of yours.

Ups and downs are part of the business. Being transparent helps you to accept the situation at the moment. In case it is progressing, it helps you to accept defeat too.

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