Developing apps is not cheap. Why?


With so many apps available everywhere around the net, we come across the pertinent question of why app development is so expensive.

The apps are cheap but what goes behind for the development of the app is expensive. The design, the developers are the reasons for them being quite expensive. A look at the App store you can see more than million different apps built by independent developers which don’t earn a penny.

Another set of apps make quite a lot of business and generates good revenues too.  These are the ones which are built by teams of designers and developers. The team size can range from three persons to hundreds too. In organizations like Facebook, Google, Twitter has teamed with hundred people and more too.

The reason behind few apps generating a lot of economies compared to that of the others which are not even earning the penny is the kind of need being addressed in these apps. This is the core of the app becoming successful or not. So the idea needs to be carefully thought over, designed and implemented. This idea generation does not cost much in terms of money but in terms of your time, creativity and realizing the need in the market for it.

Cost for developing the App

The App cost depends on the kind of app being developed which is directly proportional to the team size involved in the job for the duration of time. The final cost of the App will be the summation of the salaries of the team along with the infrastructure and other overhead costs incurred during the time period.0020

Whether to Build or Buy

Well, this certainly is a quite a big question in case you are new to technology or you do not have the relevant personnel in your team. Based on the design and an estimate of the cost-incurring in case of in-house and outsourcing the work will give a better idea to take a call on this. In case you decide to outsource there will be quite a few choices available to outsource too.

Tech-savvy companies do not face the problem of developing the apps in-house as tech knowhow exists with them. But the challenge here is to have right designers and developers on board. Nontech people experience high cost compared to that of the tech companies.

There have been instances wherein a handful of people have developed apps and generated good revenues. The focus here is to find the right team whether it is in-house or outsourced who can deliver the app which matches with the requirements and can integrate itself into the market and grow your business amongst the generation who cannot do without their mobile phones today.

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