Compare your ERP software with these factors! – Part 2

based on these important factors the firm can compare the existing ERP packages available in the market for your type of business and select the best-suited one. The firm must invest sufficient time to evaluate the long list of vendors with equal patience and alertness. There are several chances of the firm getting duped from unbranded vendors. Or there are also situations when the ERP implemented has proven to be a failure. This must be completely avoided as it can make the firm suffer heavy financial loss. With a dedicated staff and meticulous planning, a good ERP can be selected. This will definitely fetch success for the firm in the long-term. Here are a few tips that the ERP vendor must look into before proposing the same to the firm:

  1. Company: The ERP vendor must understand the firm’s industry and the several norms that come along with it. The vendor must also know the firm’s mission, working system, target markets and how their ERP will enhance the business operations and business decision making process.
  2. Technology: The vendor must ensure that their technology can sync to the needs of the firm’s tech requirements.
  3. Support: How best the vendor can extend its support during the various stages of implementation and afterlife.
  4. Price: Provide the firm with the best price so that both can benefit from the deal and be transparent while quoting the rates to ensure a long-lasting relationship with the firm.
  5. All about upgrades, extensions, and new additions: These must be explained in detail before the deal is done and sealed.

The ERP vendor also has to be equally responsible for explaining clearly the features and benefits of choosing the software. It must focus on providing the best services at reasonable prices. This will also spread a good word about the vendor and they can retain in the cutthroat ERP competition for a long time.

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