Celebrating independence, the startup way!

Independence is nothing but the essence of feeling free. And what can be more suitable than a startup to define the entire feeling of freedom? As we celebrated our 71st Independence Day, Team SoS went further to understand what independence can mean for startups and entrepreneurs? A startup reflects the ability of the entrepreneur to take up the responsibility of the business and run it equally with a zeal that is unmatched. Skill and passion in equal proportions are needed to make this freedom work in an expected manner. In previous days, people were little apprehensive about taking the plunge to do something different as there was no backing available either from Government or from Banks. Still quite a few did come into the scene which thrived, for example, Reliance Industries and Infosys which started their operations with very little amount.

With changing times, Government taking the initiative of “Startup India, Standup India” is an opportunity given to people who are willing to try on their own.

  • The Startups gives you the freedom to do what you wish to irrespective of the field or location one is in. With the Government of India backing, irrespective of the location or class one is in. It is providing an opportunity to feel the freedom to do something for oneself. Freedom to work for yourself gives you the pleasure to call the shots, comes with its own baggage of responsibilities too.
  • The Startups gives you a chance to explore yourself, try hands in fields which interests you try to do something which can make a difference to you and also to the community you live in. Startups can be related to “Freedom to dream and to dream big” at the same time with the monetary support and guidance available at hand.
  • Not to forget the financial independence it gives the entrepreneurs. Though it can be noted that monetary benefits is not the primary goal for a startup, it still adds up to the motivational factor. The urge for most of the entrepreneurs to carve their niche in the industry and leave a mark. It is more of a personal accomplishment in the first place. Rest of it only follows to add value to the fundamentals.
  • To make it even more concrete it is this whole sense of freedom that makes entrepreneurs leave their well-paying corporate jobs and take the plunge. The key to most of them is to make their startups, sustain and flourish at a steady pace.

We have come a long way from the time of independence from ‘Roti, Kapda and makaan’ when people fought for a basic need of living in dignity to now where in Startups address the need ‘To be your own boss’/’Build and Live your dream’ which is taking a step further to live your life your way.

— Team SoS

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