How can you leverage digital marketing for your startup?


Digital marketing is the essence of the survival for any business in today’s world. The ability to reach out and explore has increased with the availability of digital marketing strategies. The power of social media is unmatched and every other woman entrepreneur is unleashing the true potential for business sustainability and growth. From SEO to website optimisation to online promotional activities, every factor of digital marketing can be utilised to expand the customer base and also connect and communicate with them. Measuring the success of these strategies is equally convenient. Businesses can check the ROI against the time and money invested for the same and gauge the gaps. We have listed down five ways by which women entrepreneurs can leverage their online success.

  1. The first stop is your Website. Make sure the look and feel of the website matches the theme of your business. Website optimisation and user experience must be some of the elements that need your attention. Also, attributes such as content, images, must be able to give precise information and resolves what the customer has been looking for or expecting from your website. The website will reflect not only what your business does but also imparts a sense of your professionalism and the seriousness of the business. So it better be good. Also, since you are investing in a website a mobile app also is a great platform since every smartphone user stands as a potential customer. You don’t have to rush into but build it over time.
  2. You must have heard about video marketing? It is proving to be quite an engaging means of building the rapport with potential customers. It also helps in letting your customers know about the latest updates and how they can make the most of it. You can create your own video channel on the famous platforms and ask your loyal customers to subscribe.
  3. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are excellent tools that can help you keep up the curiosity of the customers by regularly posting related information. They are also extremely useful in promoting your brand in the form of events, deals and discounts. You can be a part of the various initiatives offered by related groups. For instance, there will be several startup groups where you can network and build an awareness for your brand. This also leads to networking and partnering with other startups for better benefits.
  4. Focus on SEO. Ensure that your website covers the basic of SEO and build the traffic genuinely because it lasts that way. If you need help choose a reliable and an efficient marketing agency who can offer your business the expertise it needs. Use blog writing where you can write about related articles that impart user information, latest trends in similar industry, features and guest columns on related opinions.
  5. Email marketing is yet another technique of leveraging your business. Create the interest of your loyal and new customers alike by offering them with the latest updates, products or additional services at discounted rates or any other excellent deal that you want to talk about. Just don’t spam the email ids. Ensure that the content is to the point and always relevant.

Digital marketing gives you the space to scream out all that your business does and lets you reach a wider audience where geography and demography are no longer the hindering factors. But what is crucial is for you to understand what works or suits your business requirement the best and go for it accordingly. Tap the potential, explore newer opportunities and scale to rule!

— Team SoS

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