Can blogging be a source of revenue for a startup?


With changing times and the internet becoming an indispensable part of our lives, marketing strategies have also evolved. Content marketing and blogging are the current strategies which are giving excellent results.  The question that arises is can these be implemented in the startups if so, when? Well, the answer would be from day one cause ultimately any business or a startup is for generating revenue. Blogging is a good means to advertise your product or service and at the same time reaching to the target audience

How will the Blogging result in sales?

Create interest among the visitors to the blog. How do you do it?

Everyday blog a question and answer, such that every question highlights the quality of the product or service and answer is such that it connects to the audience and make them aware of the existence of the product or service.

Build User Base

Don’t let your audience just view and go. Follow it up with a CTA (Call To Action) with buttons such as Learn More, or signing up for newsletters, or for a product demo.

Converting Leads to Sales

The interested customers who would have visited frequently are the ones to give the email ids. Now is the time to go a step further and design email marketing strategy wherein blog posts, special offers can be used to get the customers to consider the service /product which can turn to sales eventually.

Blogging Vs Advertising

In paid advertisement, the website stops appearing once you have stopped investing. But in the case of a blog, content is an asset. The asset will allow you to capture the audience and visits will continue without any additional investment.

In paid strategy (SEM Search Engine Marketing) is implemented whereas in Blogging content marketing can be improved with (SEO Search Engine Optimization)

You can also get additional revenue from blogging by

  • Integrating Ads on your blog
  • Affiliate Marketing

Building the Brand and Reputation

Not all the visitors are from the target audience who would be interested in purchase. But these visits to create awareness of your existence in the market. With time, slowly it gives you an opportunity to build the relationship with the audience thus positioning yourself as an integral part of your field. Creation of a brand for the startup is a good investment for the future.

Gain Visibility

Make every effort to be seen in platforms wherein there is a lot of traffic such as social media. Create a strong presence in social media and share the content on platforms where your business is present. Content should be unique in all the platforms and never the same.

Blogging is inbound marketing strategy which takes the time to make a mark and create a niche of the target audience. So it requires a lot of patience and persistence from your end. The focus should be on the continuous or steady creation of useful and relevant content.

To increase the revenue from blogging, you need to know your audience well. Knowing means what are their interests? How can you connect to them? Which needs of the audience are going to be addressed by your product/service? This creation or realization of need in the audience is what will result in sales.

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