How can you benefit from your startup blog?


With changing times, regular write-ups on passion by an individual in discrete diaries or a column in newspapers and weeklies have been taken up by blogs in world wide web today.

Blogs have created a niche for itself in today’ s internet world wherein information is bombarded from multiple venues. The reason for the creation of this niche is the personal touch and presentation which comes out along with the information rather than just the information.

Today let’s have a look at the various factors that contribute to making a blog a success

Individual hunting for information on the web is like a hungry jackal for its prey. The time spent on a search of the pages is less than 30 seconds on an average. The information presented needs to simple, entertaining along with eye catch headings and visual representations. Visual/Pictorial representations are a must as it catches the eye of the reader quickly.

Content is the King at all times

Quality of the content is of high priority at all times. The subjects chosen should be of one’s interest, passion and knowledgeable at the same time.

Along with the above, there is a need to establish a connection with the reader for example in case it is a travel blog you can use the sensory words while describing how it feels when you see/touch/taste with feast to the eyes, beach sand is soft as silk on your feet, dish is so tasty that it melts in your mouth.

It is the blogger’s discretion how these are used in the blog though. But these words help to break the ice and makes the reader come back for more.

Creative is the buzzword

Starting afresh one needs to know what the subject is going to be and how to approach it. This approach to the subject will set your own trend by creating a brand of your own. The blog headlines and content has to be your own though you might have taken the inspiration from others. You can either make content interesting, shocking, controversial, conversational or funny.  The pick is yours how you want to create engaging content. The content format can either be a blog post, white paper, infographics, case studies, slide-shares, podcasts, interviews, e-books etc.

Content Quantity and Quality

Articles can be either short or lengthy one depending on the kind you are writing. If in case it is just a news article you can restrict the number to 300 to 500. In case you are writing a blog post wherein information is passed over then one needs to decide which ones would work best whether lengthy writing or just bullet points or a picture which speaks a thousand words and catches one’s eye immediately.

Studies have shown that a perfect blog post length is around 1600 words and the number increasing every year.

By creating rich content, you can create loyal reader base who can share the content on social media.

Writing Regularly

Blogs can become a success by regular updates on the topic. You have to create a schedule and stick to it without fail. This calls for sheer discipline and commitment from the blogger. The content creation has to be consistent and on a regular basis and needs the blogger to have long-term strategy in place to do so.

AIDA Model

AIDA Model is commonly used in US and Canada to get the highest conversion rate.

  • A Awareness
  • I Interest
  • D Desire
  • A Action

Awareness—Catch Attention

As mentioned earlier the initial attention span of a reader is less than 30 seconds, the need is to make an impact in those few seconds. So how do we do it? Simple one would be to have catchy headlines which are clear, precise and creates interest and hooks them to read further


As they scroll down, content needs to be straight, simple and to the point.


After reading, there should be some takeaway for the reader. It might be a thought or a feeling or knowledge.


This is a very important aspect as this is what determines the blog traffic of the blog. CTA (call to action)


Though content is the king, the king needs to be presented well with right font, subtitles, paragraphs, images, videos, charts to make the content desirable to read through.

The content needs to be adaptable to all screen sizes whether it is a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet to reach to audiences all over.

Search Engine Optimization

Though content is written for the readers the need arises to optimize the keywords is quite important as the content gets visibility from search engines. Keyword optimization is important for content marketing for following reasons.

  • Gives idea about the topics users are searching on the internet
  • Gives insight how the keywords used for the research
  • To use these keywords to search other articles on the same content

Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush can be used to identify and optimization of keywords.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Blogs are by individuals. With social media at our fingers, you can use it to build your readers base or audience. This can be utilized to sketch a plan to reach and build your audience and also decide on how you are going to get your content in front of them before even creating it.

Tracking Results

It’s important to track the results of the content marketing and know how they perform. This is the time to introspect to take a raincheck on what is working and what is not, which ones need to be improvised and which ones need to be scrapped.

At the end of the day, it is marketing which is done through content to generate traffic.

Improving content

Evolving is the key to survival. The content needs to be evolving and adapting to times to survive. This requires A/B testing, data analysis, and growth hacking approach to improve your content marketing results.

Content marketing is a strategy when used with care can build a reputation, increase the traffic leading to sales. This is open space to be used how one chooses to. So venture out and use it to optimum.

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