How We Built A Focused Marketing Team?


Deadlines are as true in day’s work as is the work itself. Meeting the deadlines successfully with the delivery of the goods as agreed is an expected norm in today’s business world.  In fact, this sets you apart from the counterparts as an individual to deliver on time and reliable at all times. This quality of yours goes a long way in building a brand for you.

Why don’t we meet the deadlines that are set well beforehand in the first place? Work as it is gets done by various quarters by different sets of people, if there is a miss by anyone of them in the line will result in missing the deadline.

The key to meeting the deadlines successfully means planning intricately with respect to the work, resources in hand and also the time required.

Creating ‘No Excuses’ Culture

When anything goes awry, there are always reasons why this has happened. We are rather working as individuals and not as a team which is bound to deliver considering the deadlines are for the managers. With everybody focused just on their individual task and not being aware of the current status of the work or the bigger picture.

The need that arises here is making everyone accountable for the deadline rather than just the task to be accomplished. So working together as a team and creating the no excuses culture in the workplace.

Mishaps are bound to happen to day’s work, in case person responsible is unable to finish the task on time what needs to be done? Such that it does not cause further delay. Well the choices are quite a few

  • Make each one responsible for checking the status of the work from one before him and also follow the one who is doing it after him so that there is continuity in the work and not stalled indefinitely
  • Whether to take it upon yourself and do the task
  • Scale it up to higher authority for delegation of task

But this needs to be done on time which gives the option to take timely decisions.

Making everyone Accountable

Making everyone to own up to their responsibility in case they have failed to deliver on time and making them accountable will make them sit straight and take notice of the things around. At the same time, this can cause undue stress and pressure amongst the team.  In case anyone in the team is faced with situations wherein you are stuck and do not know to go further can be tackled by keeping the doors open for discussion amongst the team or come to seek help.

The question that arises here is

  • Do they have to scale up the issue as soon as it is found?
  • Ask for peer’s help immediately
  • Try and give a chance to yourself to sort it out before you seek help

Well, here you have to use your discretion to decide based on the priority of the matter and the time you are left with. This balancing act can be like walking on the thin line, well the team will be left thinking whether to take this opportunity to empower themselves and rise up to the situation or just scale it up and leave.

It is not only the team but also the managers who have to put in an effort to make sure work goes smoothly. The Managers decision making while taking up the work decides the work culture. The work taken should be in accordance with the available resources and timelines without overburdening the workforce. At the end of the day, it is a bunch of people working together as a team that meets the deadlines successfully.

— Team SoS

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