How to become an entrepreneur with excellent oratory skills?


Basic necessities of communication are to read and to speak. You might be thinking what is there to improve or learn about something which is second nature to us. As we all have started to be conversant or speak from the time we even knew the syllables and gradually proceeding to words and sentences.  Well, we have learned to speak and read from a very young age. But how do we polish it a little to give that finesse required for presenting the facts and to get the message across.  India has a wide range of languages across the region but is united by a foreign language that is English. In this global era, wherein we are all linked across the globe being fluent in English has become a necessity and no more a choice. So here we are going to talk about few pointers which will help you know areas which need your attention and to how to improve on them.

Make Reading a Regular activity:

Reading should get ingrained in your daily routine similar to having food. Every day make it a point to read either from newspaper, magazines etc. Make it a point that you set time to do the reading. Another way is to make reading a fun activity by selecting the range of books which will trigger the interest in you such that you keep flipping through the pages without realizing how the time has flown.

On daily practice, you will notice following changes

  • Increase in speed
  • Learning new words and phrases
  • Catching the tone and style of the writer
  • Most importantly you will be learning something new every time you read

Develop Speaking skills

Well, reading equips you with the words, phrases and full sentence formation. But speaking the same way takes a little practice. What you need is to focus on the flow of thoughts and notice that with each passing day it gets better.

Be Relaxed

When you are learning something new and implementing the same, we are bound to get nervous. That too while speaking it can make us conscious thereby resulting in a temporary lapse of correct usage of words. So just breathe and relax.

Slow and Clear

Speak slowly and clearly. It will take just a few more seconds extra. While speaking you will be tempted to switch back to your mother tongue as you are well versed with it so don’t give in. Just pause and continue slowly.

Learning to speak in a new language can be quite a task as we take the time to find the right words to the thoughts which will be flowing at a faster pace.

Record your voice

With just mobile phones handy this becomes quite easy to accomplish. Record your voice. For example  A brief introduction of yourself which is frequently asked when you go to interviews. Carefully frame the sentences and present it. On playing back you will realize how it sounds to the other person who is hearing it. It gives you a chance to see which works in your favor or not such as tone, pronunciation etc.

Practice at home

Try to have a most of your conversations in the language you want to be proficient in. Best place would be home and people whom you have known for long. By doing this, you get to become more comfortable speaking in the language and also get well versed with it as it is a known fact that only through sheer practice does one build a skill

Hear music and watch movies

Learning the fun way would be to hear to music and watching movies. The best takeaway from this would be following the tone and slang that is used by the native speakers thereby polishing on the tone and slang of your speech.

We keep learning all the time. So let language not be the barrier for your growth. Just by the simple tips and daily practice you surely are bound to become proficient in time.

— Team SoS

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