6 tips to have a website that can do all the talking!

A website is an online representation of your brand. It portrays the kind of services that you offer to your customers. Not to forget the immense reach of the audience which is possible with the help of internet. The evolution of smartphones backed with the high-speed internet has made websites easily accessible even by people who are on the go or for people who reside in remote locations. So just imagine the extent of potential customers that your business holds with one simple website.

Many small businesses are investing in creating good websites that will help them in digital marketing and also create a lasting impression on the users. But what does it take for a website to be termed good? What are the key elements that will help the websites get a good rating and probably even lead to better sales? Here is a detailed list of some of the crucial factors that will let your website stand out from the rest and will attract the potential customers to contact you.

  1. Content:

When you start with your own website creation you must be clear about what you want it to convey to your customers. The website must have a set target audience in mind the content must be built around it with a suitable tone. When you are addressing B2B customers the tone has to be more professional and crisp but when you are trying to target the customers directly then the tone has to be conversational and relaxed. You must know then if you plagiarise the content then your website will lose the ranking on the search engines which might lessen your chances of reaching a wider audience. From a website user’s perspective the content must be unique and engaging. You must feel like reading and knowing what’s in store for you. That’s the whole objective of having excellent website content.

  1. No tricks, no frills:

Good SEO practices are important to be followed while creating your website. Keywords, unique content, Meta tags and descriptions will help your website ranking to grow organically. If your web development partner is promising you to increase the website ranking by using some tricks, just don’t fall for it because you will lose out on it eventually. Search engines are constantly trying to display genuine websites which focus on the customer and not the ones who are merely trying to appear appearing well on the list. You must ensure that when you get your website done, it is completely original with the right amount of SEO to it that will improve its performance on the search engines gradually.

  1. Right links:

This is another element which is always talked about. Good links definitely help the website rank to grow but what is crucial is the relevance of the link. Internal links must be created in order to help the user navigate across the different pages with ease and external links such as blog posts or links to other websites must help the user enrich their knowledge or in other words give them the information they are seeking. Search engines do check how many links your website and even check whether they are really needed or not? Know more from your web developer before applying it.

  1. Keep it simple and updated:

Your website must be easy to go through with good catchy tag lines, relevant pictures, good content and a pleasant background. You can even add infographics, videos, and reviews to let your customers know everything about your products or services. If the website is cluttered then the user experience will be negative which will affect your performance as well. If you are small business owner get a website that targets your city and surrounding areas. You can highlight the services that differentiate you from other vendors in the market. Once you evolve in your business you can alter your website accordingly. Update it regularly with new pictures, pages, useful links that will make the user come back and visit again. If the data is way too obsolete the user will feel that your business is not dynamic and tech-savvy.

  1. Website anatomy:

The structure of your website is one of the key attributes. You must have a clear picture as to where a particular page must be placed and how it will help the user to access the needed information. A good call to action that creates the urgency to make use of your service will boost your website’s performance. Mentioning contact numbers in every page will save the user’s time especially when they are hurriedly searching for one. Working on your website structure is an important task. You know your customers better than anyone else. So work along with your developer in this phase to achieve the best. You must remember that you have less than a minute’s time to grab the user’s attention. Make the most of it!

  1. Buy a domain:

Even though most of the website providers offer you a free domain, buying one will help your customers to remember it easily. This will come handy when they remember your business and want to search for it quickly without wasting much time. A credible host is also important for your website. You can choose a host that offers you a great deal of customisation and further expansion options. These features will prove to be of great help once your business expands and you wish to alter the existing website to suit the changes.

There are several other factors to be considered such as trying to personalise the website so that the user connects to it immediately. Contact forms act as a great tool that can help collect the user’s details and connect with them for future business transactions. All in all your website must have a character and the user must feel that your website is conveying important messages that cannot be missed. A great website is the first step to digital marketing. Get it right!


Poornima Laxmeshwar

Poornima Laxmeshwar is the content editor at Star of Startups, a poet and a writer. Her prose poetry and Haiku have been published in various magazines. “Anything But Poetry” is a published collection of her verses. Poornima is inclined towards writing about women and issues circling their entrepreneurial dreams

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