The 10 Fundamental Truths That Will Change Your Life

In Everyday doldrums of Life, we tend to lose focus on things which would enhance ourselves as people or our career. We get so caught up with everyday affairs we tend to forget to just pause and give a thought too. Meanwhile, time keeps clicking out of our hands. Going with the flow of Life is also good. But to be aware and making it worthwhile for yourself also matters. In this busy life, we tend not to even observe ourselves forget about others.

The basic need of ours in Life is met by work. We cannot deny the fact that we work to live. But we can become aware of ourselves when and how we to start the work and what can be changed to make the day pleasurable and fruitful? The best things in life do not come easily. They come with your awareness to self. Life and Business have one thing in common that is questions. They both run on questions and how you find answers to them. Regular questioning whether you are headed in the right direction will certainly take you to the goal set

Success follows failure

When you start trying and testing yourself, the failure is the first outcome to be faced. Failure comes with learnings or experiences can change you for life. It is how you perceive it matters. The Experience might help you to be more patient, learn to persevere and strengthen your will to move further.

Being Productive

Time is the only common thing amongst all of us. It is how you utilise this makes you. Plan and put in effort in a direction that will make you more productive.

Be around people who are ‘Inspiring’

It is good to be surrounded with people who are as charged up to make a difference for themselves and also for what they are working for. It’s good to have people who are not afraid to try unconventional ways and always optimistic. Circumstances when you are not feeling too good about the situation in hand these people tend to lift you up.

Life is for living

One life to live is a fact. How and Where you live is your choice. It is the life that you have created. It’s a choice that is made. Thinking twice right now, rethink and change the course nobody can stop you.


Fear a feeling that exists with all of us. Fear of heights, fear of change, and fear of trying. So many decisions in life are taken because of fear and at times we tend to name it as ‘being careful’. Face the fear, unless it is related to life and death. Take the risk, try it out nobody can stop you apart from yourself. Looking back at latter part of life you will not be left with the feeling ‘wish I had tried this’

Let Go

Humans have the tendency to hold on to the negative emotions strongly than positive emotions. We tend to hold on to the grief, hurt, humiliation, hate, and anger. These eat us up alive like parasites in the body making you feel like a victim or urging you take action. It’s not easy but good to let go and move ahead.

Live in the moment

We are so caught up with what happened in the past we do not realise the present slipping out of our hands. Make peace with the past. It helps you to focus on the present.

It can be anther way round also, by being anxious about what will happen in the future our focus shifts from the present yet again losing the present. It’s a life skill to be learned to be in the present where you are completely fully aware of mind, body, and soul.

Self Esteem

How good you feel about yourself should come from within you. It should not be based on people’s appreciation, applause, and rejection or criticism. Self Esteem/ Self Worth comes from one’s being rather than for doing for which you receive reactions from people.

Life is short

None of us know what is yet to happen. Gratitude to be just healthy, alive and breathing today makes you feel better or blessed is important.

Uncertainty is the only Certain Thing

Despite planning and working for long you might be faced with situations which you were not prepared for. The only choices are to crib about what is happening or to accept the change and work with it.

Time keeps ticking and life keeps us all going. It’s a choice you make to whether enjoy your sunny days and brace yourself for the changes or for the rough weather there by gathering them and treasuring them as memories for life

It is basic human nature to have apprehensions when getting out of our comfort zone. Unless we learn to find answers to the uncomfortable questions we cannot learn and grow. Just thinking about being uncomfortable gives you a wonderful opportunity to explore yourself and also life.

— Team SoS

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