Social media as marketing tool – part II


A detailed look at how social media can be used to drive marketing efforts of a startup

By Surekha Pendse

Last week I asked you to stop and ponder on how you can use social media as a marketing tool. This topic needs a second part as there is so much more ways in which social media can be used as marketing tool by startups.

I am sure that all startup founders and entrepreneurs are aware of what is marketing. But just in an attempt to refresh the topic or sometimes as we in marketing say, “hammering the message is necessary”, here is another look at it.

Marketing can be redefined as an activity, process for forming, communicating, delivering and sharing value offerings to clients, customers, partners and society on a whole.

Does Social media fit the marketing brief? Yes it does, and I think all of us will be nodding vigorously to this statement. Social media is the current word for public relations. All activities undertaken as part of PR in old marketing parlance are done currently under social media marketing. The only difference is that PR related to a company people associated with it while social media relates to all your peers as well as clients

So how do social media actually help in marketing?

The first point is communicating value to customers, clients, partners and society in general. Social media through its various platforms is able to communicate all this and more so the first tenet of marketing is done by social media.

How is it done?
Social media platforms through posts, tweets, videos, pictures, can continuously positions information for people that matter to their businesses, to convey to their users or potential customers for continuous sustained engagement.

What do social media do?

  • Social media posts can be used to drive targeted traffic to your website
  • To boost your website SEO
  • Helps in building relationships with current and potential customers through engagement
  • With instant access, social media gives immediate response from clients and expects the same in return.
  • Social media can earn you good media coverage
  • Social media gives the opportunity to respond to your customer’s problems immediately
  • Helps build brand loyalty
  • Social media is an equal opportunity and fair level arena for all businesses
  • Gives you the most cost-effective spotlight on your business
  • Discovers new customer who are looking for your products and you did not even know they existed using keywords like in Twitter
  • It is the most cost-effective tool as most of it is free
  • Even the paid SM ROI is unparalleled

Dynamically using social media is one of the coolest ways to reach a large target group and get the company or brand name in the mind of current or probable customers. Social media not only utilizes an already established network to create new contacts, but with engagement it strengthens the bond to deepen connections. Social media has given them a new twist to traditional marketing techniques. Social media gives you a more connected and interactive market, and if businesses that do not cash on it will inevitably fall behind.

Surekha Pendse
Surekha Pendse

Surekha Pendse is a marketing and process enthusiast who loves working, reading, music and the internet, not necessarily in that order. She is a Welingkar’s Institute of Management alumni. Based in Mumbai, Surekha is a management consultant improving process in operations, marketing and social media marketing with more than two decades of experience to back it. You can get in touch with her at

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