Quick ways to Generate Content Marketing Revenues


Marketing is about selling. With the advent of the internet, marketing has moved from advertisements in radio and television to laptops and mobile phones. Content marketing has taken advertising a step further wherein it gives you a number of potential customers who have visited your site and a total number of leads generated from them.

Advertisements in radio and television do not give the number count of prospects reached or the leads generated. This is tackled effectively in Content Marketing which gives number count of prospects and also the potential customers. 93% of B2B marketers are investing in content marketing to build their brands and produce leads according to Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs research.

Only 42% of these marketers believe their content is effective. This is a problem because businesses invest money to generate sales.  (Note: Although 90% of B2C marketers use content marketing, only 34% find it effective.)

Content marketers are focused on producing high-quality content wherein

  • The content consists of only product/service information
  • The content does not target how the product /service meets customer needs
  • The content distribution is not optimized for visibility to the potential customers

The main criterion for converting the prospects into customers is by addressing

  • Need of the customers
  • Need to generate leads thereby increasing revenues

Increase the flow of traffic to your site

  • Keywords or Carewords are the ones which are used by potential customers while searching. Use these to the maximum to get them to open the website for information.
  • While presenting the facts of the product/service it is never about the product but how the product/service will be meeting the needs of the customer thereby making the customer realize the need for it.
  • Answer the frequently asked questions so that doubts don’t arise
  • Let there be links to know more about the product.
  • Most important is having Call to Action with a sign up for email newsletter or for a call from customer care or lead them to purchase

Create Converting Landing Pages

When potential customers or prospects click on the link or call to action, the next piece of content they view in landing pages must be related and similarly branded so they are not put off.

Criterion in the web page and landing pages include

  • Usability
  • Aesthetics
  • An attention grabbing headline
  • Strong bullet points (summary of the product/service fulfilling the needs of prospects)
  • Call to Action (Sign up forms, newsletters, testimonials)
  • Maintaining the look and feel of the main a
  • nd landing pages similar
  • Visual Appeal

Streamline the buying process

Optimization of the purchase pages is a must to be successful in making a sale to a prospect

  • Eliminate extra steps: Collect only the required data and reduce the unnecessary steps in the payment process
  • Option to Register or Sign In : Give an option to the user whether he would like to sign up or not. It takes a while to build the customer trust. Forcing them to sign in might just put them off
  • Multiple sales channels:                 Let there be a choice where and how customers would like to make a purchase.  Purchase can be made via the website, mobile, or in-person.

Testing your content marketing for optimal outcomes

Content needs to be tested continuously. What worked last year might not be applicable today. To keep following the trends of the industry and updating the content is the need of the hour.

4 elements to test the content that yield the biggest impact are:

  • Headlines: These needs to draw or create interest in prospects to read further
  • Images: An appropriate image is equivalent to 1000 words, check for the which ones will draw more attention. Whether right or left alignment of the images makes any difference
  • Opt-In forms: This needs attention in case it is not building prospects contact list
  • Calls to Action: This takes priority in the attention list for generating leads

Measure your content marketing results

  • Keep score of your content marketing’s effectiveness in driving sales
  • Set goal for each piece of content: Just information creation will not achieve your objectives
  • Track content marketing metrics: Find the driving leads and prospects which are converting prospects to customers

The ultimate goal of content marketing is sales thereby creating revenue. This can be done either by challenging them or by persuading them. But what is equally important is to test your market and gauge the success of your content strategies off and on. This will further help you make the necessary alterations to suit the demand and the taste of the market.

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