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Marketing is all about reaching people to sell goods/products/services. Either it can be mass marketing or individual consumer based. Before television and radio, marketing was mainly based by door to door or the grocery shops where samples were distributed on trial basis. Next was the use of newspapers, print and mass media as it extended the reach with a wider audience. Now we are more connected with the use of internet and phones which are being used widely to serve the purpose of marketing. And with the evolution of digital marketing everything has changed.

Digital marketing trends

Mobiles, Videos, Social media are all the digital means used to market. Below are the means that are used both in inbound and outbound marketing:

Use of Videos

Videos of the product being marketed are used to engage the viewer. As they say ‘A Picture speaks better than words’. It is being used effectively in TV, news and social media posts. From being a great source of information to practically teaching how to use products, videos withhold an immense potential to talk to the customer directly with real-life instances too. This makes the viewer feel connected and further encourages the idea of buying the same.

Social Media

There is no other means that is stronger than the social media. It helps is capturing not only the local market efficiently but also is equally effective for offshore markets too. The platforms also enable customers to read reviews, understand the brand better before the buying decision.

Outbound Marketing

In this consumers are bombarded with information, trying to grab the attention. There is never any account of how many were reached and to what extent. It is more of a linear approach and uses radio, TV, newspapers and tradeshows. Once the cycle is over it starts again at the same point. There is little room left to know the consumer and to sell the idea of the product/service.

Inbound Marketing

Consumers are contacted only on their permission. Advertisements, Newsletters are sent to these customers. It is little complex comparatively as it uses all kinds of approach to the consumer such as email marketing, search engine optimization and social media. It is a continuous cycle which keeps going and does not stop and keeps growing making the idea feasible to the consumer in every step.

Big Data

The availability of information helps in understanding consumer behavior and further encourages startups to come up with creative solutions to address the gaps. With IoT and technically enabled gadgets, applying the rich source of information to market the products is only an outcome in the future era.

Mobile Marketing

Evolution of smartphones has not only made customer grow closer to startups but also has enabled the user to look for the various existing options in the market, seamlessly. The mobile apps have made marketing a surging trend that is meant to last for a while.

It can be observed that these trends strongly hint that information is key and suitable marketing strategies is the means to the success of any startup.

— Team SoS

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