14 Slides You Must Have To Raise Funding For Your Startup


When it comes to raising fund, most of the startups find it difficult to sell the idea to investors. It’s quite hard to explain the brand you created to investors in the small interval of time.

After researching many startup pitches, I had found these 14 must have slides in your pitch deck.

  1. Cover Slide
  2. Problem Slide
  3. Solution Slide
  4. Competition & Market Slide ( be specific with data )
  5. Your Product
  6. Competitive Advantages
  7. Your current traction slide
  8. Your business model
  9. Revenue forecast slide
  10. Slide on any amount raised till date
  11. Use of Funds for which you are raising money
  12. Your Team
  13. Advisors ( if any, having advisors will sure benefit )
  14. Thanks & contact slide.

Investors are also humans and before you pitch to investors, try to pitch to your close friends and advisors to know about it. Try to find the answer on

a) Is it attracting attention ( design & colours used in presentation )

b) Avoid breaking flow ( It must be engaging through presentation )

c) Is it having data to prove your words ( Show the data on which your forecast is, current traction data )

Before investor put his/her money into your business, they want to make sure that your idea is feasible and more Important is your own confidence & your own faith in your idea.

It’s your idea and execution capability on which you started this so Be confident and present everything you have in a way so that listener observes it completely.

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