How startups can gain from social media


Tips for how startups can use social media for promoting their business, a look at how social networks can augment HR functions

By Surekha Pendse

Do businesses really understand the scope of social media? Do entrepreneurs realize what social media can do for their businesses? Do startups use social media the way it needs to be used? Is the explosion of social media in India, really more hype than substance when it comes to delivering on various parameters of success to startups? What are the functional areas in which social media can be used? These questions have become very pertinent nowadays. Social media and micro blogging sites are not just about posting, they have a definite science to them. As startups there is a vast scope for you to use it. So friends, it is time to stop and ponder! Social media is a very profitable tool that can be used by startups in various work functions. Here we will look at how we can do that. This is the first of the series of columns on this topic:

Social Media as a HR tool
Finding candidates with the required skills is a herculean task. Previously recruiters and HR personnel had to rely primarily on job boards. Social media offers numerous benefits that differentiate between failure and success in recruitment. HR departments in most businesses and startups effectively use social media for recruitment purpose. Though LinkedIn is considered the social media king for recruitment, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ are some of the other social media components that can be effectively used in successful recruitment. Besides recruitment and hiring, social media also aids startups to restructure employee engagement, closely watch the competition and perform a variety of other HR functions.

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Two areas where Social media scores big
Traditional methods and job boards had limitation in their reach and scope while social media assists recruiters to touch base with practically anyone on this planet (of course, they need to have net connection) making the reach, scope really vast and extensive. The success of social media lies in targeting all levels of candidates, improve efficacy of recruitment with no significant augmentation in costs. At very negligible cost, social media helps in recruitment for startups. Current employees refer their own contacts too by way of social media. This help to further spread the message thereby expand the talent pool considerably. Thus social media is a must for any kind of business HR. After all social media is where networks and discussions take place in the business and startup world.

Leveraging social media for HR and recruiting
Social media is a powerful tool to help companies reach their HR goals. Businesses can effortlessly leverage social media channels to reach targeted audiences with job postings, engage with candidates and answer questions. It’s a real-world way to foster relationships and source talented candidates who may not be actively seeking a new position or looking to change job. Shrewd HR managers are utilizing social media to create a brand around their organization by telling the organization’s story, making it seem a happening and cool place to work by using social media tools like Instagram photos, blog posts, Tumblr and Pinterest pages besides Twitter and Facebook posts. Simultaneously, a growing number of job seekers are using these social networks to vet potential employers and choose the company they want to work for.

Surekha Pendse
Surekha Pendse

Surekha Pendse is a marketing and process enthusiast who loves working, reading, music and the internet, not necessarily in that order. She is a Welingkar’s Institute of Management alumni. Based in Mumbai, Surekha is a management consultant improving process in operations, marketing and social media marketing with more than two decades of experience to back it. You can get in touch with her at


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