They hurt the same – love and failure. But do they have the same solution ?

Last Saturday,  I met an old friend – a fellow entrepreneur who was on a big wave which accidentally landed him on a rocky shore. His startup which started well, but could not sustain for long and went kaput in less than a year.

Love and failure from startups hurt? Whats the solution?

We met and decided to go out for dinner, I wanted a more relaxed environment to make him feel better. He never spoke about his failed adventure but I knew about it from my sources. Both were wanting to discuss that but waiting for the other one to blink first.

It resembled the college days where it was painful to deal with broken heart and lost love.  Ordering drinks sounded most appropriate as Devdas would also have approved.

The loss sounded similar, the pain was same deep, the desire to forget and move on was there but inability to forget too.

Will time heal, or will we be able to collect ourselves and restart again? It is very difficult to preach and explain. A lot will depend on our support systems. This comparison was not difficult to miss as it had similar characters.

To those who all wish to join this journey of entrepreneurship or self employment a simple advice. Get a thick skin, a big appetite and readiness to make it work anyhow. You just can’t quit but only start again.That’s the difference, don’t fall in love with you idea or product. Love yourself so you can take care of yourself.

– Shridhar Bhagwat

Shridhar Bhagwat is a management consultant who has spent more than 2 years studying 50+ startups and 15+ incubators. 

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