Working together : It boils down to the basics #Startups

Startup – a place where a multi-dimension mind map unfurls. The key success of any enterprise remains with the ultimate commitment and focus of its founding members.

The key factor to success is about following the basics.

a) Communication: Together and alone, the team members should share updates, progress and challenges, and have a heart-to-heart communication. In an agile working environment, communication is the single most factor for success or failure of the enterprise.

b) Synergy of Purpose: Each founder has a specific ‘what is in it for me’ in a business. When this more or less coincides with the ‘vision’ of the enterprise, then there is a multiplier effect on the purpose. This synergy of purpose has to be reinforced in regular meetings.

c) Bonding: Beyond work, it is important to have a ‘human side’ of relationship with the partner / co-founder. This helps in understanding any potential undercurrents and also gives a multidimensional understanding of any person, transaction or issue.

d) Dignity: At no point in time, the line should be never crossed. Human dignity entails empathy, patience and ego-less treatment of fellow humans at all times. One slip, one word, one gesture could set a series of consequences that can quickly spiral out of control.

e) Roles: It is important that everybody is treated as equal, but each one has a primary responsibility that one is accountable for. The purpose of this responsibility is to establish focus and accountability, and that has to be cleared defined, and owned up by each team member.

f) Credibility: The credibility of each member is proven by the commitment, action and result that is shown. There is no past glory in a running enterprise. Each day is a new challenge, and hence reboot of past credibility to zero makes one to earn his/her day.

What are the other aspects of ‘working together?’ Look forward to your comments.

– ~ Ashok Subramanian

Ashok Subramanian is a serial entrepreneur & investor who has built Strategic and Technology Ventures through which he invests and advises on business strategy & growth.

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