Does an Entrepreneur / Startup founder need to be bully ?

Do entrepreneurs need to be bullies?

There are millions of articles and books defining the “Successful Leader” and his traits. Many experts resembling streetside palmistrians  are making a living out of spinning stories of how to be something which comes from inside.

They will tell you the symptoms which can correlate and create a impression that you are now here by proclaimed as The leader.One of my regular critics asked me last night ” Does a Leader or startup founder have to be bully and single-mindedness to the level of being blind to their cause” ?  Now why am i perplexed with this statement, one end we expect a leader to be focused like Arjun  only on the fish’s eye, the Goal….and on the other end we expect him to be the all encompassing, charming con man whom can mix a perfect margarita at the same time shuffle a deck and show the magic of numbers to the investors !

No doubt the investors did not find the snake charmer performing to the Bollywood tunes the same way he did in case of case, at last kicked the guy out. Are we not unfair to expect the Startup / Entrepreneur from whom we are expecting this Perfection while what should have been our focus is the Business and the Concept.

I know the next argument would be, does the inventor or the owner of the idea is the right person to take the same to next level ? Didn’t they did find Steve job unsuitable for the CEO role and kicked him out ? Yes true… there lies the story of the GAP from a owner – founder of a concept and the Businessmen. Just like the guys to the men transformation.

The Businessman too need to be single mindedly focused to the goal, that his job ! so if he is determined and pushy and want people to follow what he want them to work and do….where is he wrong ? The only issue i find making some sense in this entire nonsense would be that we are dealing here with people. So if one individual wants to go berserk and be unreasonable, other may find this trance uncomfortable. In his single minded pursuit he should not forget that he being the owner has to “Sell” his idea and “Motivate” people to work and devote to that idea more than him….that’s the mantra which will transform you from a mere boss to a leader and make you a success.

The transfer of ownership has to happen from the Owner – Founder to the TEAM -the followers and co passengers….that the only way we can build a team and that way we can all become part of the Great Success Story.

Yes it’s perfectly forgivable in startup world to have someone eating -sleeping his idea and dream goal and in this pursuit if he comes out as arrogant , self centred and at times bullying people to accept his own directions. After all startup / entrepreneur world is made of such folktales where people kept pushing the envelope till they found the way to sell it without any real money…..that’s the world and here we live.

-Shridhar Bhagwat

Shridhar Bhagwat is a management consultant who has spent more than 2 years studying 50+ startups and 15+ incubators. 

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