Paradigm Shift!

Rightly said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” -Albert Einstein.

The technology sector is going through a tremendous shift with an exponential growth of data and devices. The products are going mobile and deployed in Cloud with great flexibility of size and scale at fraction of cost and time. There is a paradigm shift in the way we consume and offer the technology services.

Fast changing pace of technology made the space of creativity and innovations, finer and deeper. The advent of A.I. into the mainstream has made the scope of the products broader and self-aware. The analytics is developing human-like intelligence which keeps on improving as more data available. There is a need of paradigm shift in the alignment of the core functions.

The customer is served in more ways than ever and it’s going to explode with IOT. Imperatively the companies should be sensitivity towards the customer as the cost of loyalty is high. The paradigm shift is going to diversify better experience with core competencies. This paradigm shift forces companies to re-align themselves with the focus on the core areas which are exploding.

Customer experience should be a unified experience across the products for the company. The traditional way of putting content on the internet will not help to win the customers anymore. Now the customer touch points are more interactive, sensitive, persuasive and personalized. The UI skills are finer and research is being done to get the right experience in every pixel of design. The complexity is going to even more as we blend IOT into customer interaction and feedback.

Intelligence is core competency which will be the brain behind the future companies. AI, Data Science, Deep Learning and Robotic Processing are growing trends in the industry. This competency will be playing a major role in analyzing the health and predicting future of the company. Security is one more important function which should be part of Intelligence as it has become a major risk any organization faces with the breach of Data, Network and it can extend to various other parts of whole organization cycle. The skills for this competency will be the blend of in-house and niche support from vendors with external data like Social Media.

Infrastructure is reshaping from custom solutions to cloud solutions. Clouds are going from IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and etc. There is no need to develop any solutions in-house when there is Cloud for everything. Companies need to add capabilities into the mix of cloud services it can consume. ROI on Cloud is very dynamic and direct which saves a lot of unused bandwidth/resources and scale up with demand. Corporate tools will be the bridge between CX and Could Infrastructure. There are a variety of tools we need to glue CX to Cloud Infrastructure like BPM, Dev OPS, Policy Automation..etc. Tools should be playing a major role in gathering the data or facilitate Data Services for Intelligence Team. Corporate tools like DevOps and BPM tools will make this mix of cloud services more manageable once deployed.

The paradigm shift of this alignment of the organization is key to the Success. The CX competency will be focused on creating new customer experience with the capabilities (Services) which Infrastructure build and maintain on various Clouds. BPM will be used for internal facing workflow to push through any manual or automation process. The evolving need for lean organization is automation of all the manual tasks.  The Intelligence competency would monitor health and predict future of the company.The infrastructure will be a subscription base cloud services with TCO and ROI relatively simple.

Sasank Loka

Sasank Loka is a visionary leader in the Information Technology field. He has worked across the private and public sector for US clients. He also, advises startups and SMB’s in strategy and planning for organic and inorganic growth. He’s a Subject matter expert in forming business processes, regulations and government policy administration. He is fond of motorcycles, food, music, and travel.

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