The exciting Avenue of Developing Talent on a Large scale

India possesses a huge pool of young people. 50% of the population is less than 30 years, numbering 600 million. Harnessing their energy and sharpening their skills to applicable avenues is the challenge and hence a tremendous opportunity.
Shiv Nadar of HCL is a legendary entrepreneur. He began with very humble background and created an admirable, recognised powerhouse in the form of HCL. Shiv Nadar runs a few schools, particularly in UP, and some time back, he established a university known by his name as Shiv Nadar University. That reflects his commitment to human development.
Shiv Nadar recently took a big step in skill development space. HCL launched a commercial enterprise called HCL Talentcare as a ‘for profit’ company. This bold entrepreneurial step will train young engineers and shape them as ’employable’ for specific sectors of IT, banking & insurance and healthcare, to begin with. The company is in negotiation with reputed, large corporates for employment of the pass out candidates. HCL Talentcare envisages to train 20000 engineers by 2018!
Some takes from the above story. First, a monumental challenge is visualised as an entrepreneurial opportunity. Second, a carefully cultivated and appropriate response, both in qualitative and quantum terms, ensures a superior probability of achievement. Third, pursuing entrepreneurial initiatives is scale neutral. On one side, there are start-up category experiments. Innovative experimentation is also possible even when the enterprise size is large by creating institutional mechanisms backed by genuine leadership support. Last, the opportunity and scope for entrepreneurial indulgence will always remain despite apparent saturation mirage. One needs to cultivate consistent willingness and required competence to capture such avenues.

So, what are you waiting for?

Author: 17f9fcfProf. Dilip Patel, Dean – Nalanda International Management School, Mumbai, is a Management Advisor – Counseling, Training, Consulting, and Research.

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