The debate over the Government protection of startups: Stirred again!


“What we need to figure out is how do we create a level-playing field. How do we ensure news apps or restaurant apps don’t get prematurely killed by a company coming from China and just pumping in dollars from there. It should be about technology and appreciation of the product,” said Flipkart CEO Sachin Bansal at the IAMAI conference.

In December 2016, Bansal said the government should protect Indian start-ups against ‘foreign’ rivals in a similar way that China did. Noticing that the e-com giant has been consistently making pleas to safeguard their interest to tackle the competition from Amazon, the trend only seems to be getting negative. Flipkart names Amazon India’s means of business as capital dumping and contested that the profits earned by Amazon in other markets are used to subsidise and create a monopoly in India.

“So Flipkart wants level playing field with Amazon? Start by cutting top exec salaries by 80%. Overpaid underperforming crybabies,” tweeted Mahesh Murthy. He also put on display the comparative salaries of the top officials and the difference is astounding.

Oddly enough Flipkart also has utilised foreign capital in the past and subsidised its own products. Murthy also pointed out that since Flipkart was registered in Singapore, it wasn’t an Indian company at all.

The Government protection of Indian startups has been in the debate for quite some time and eminent personalities have voiced their concerns respectively.

— Team SoS

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