Change is the new constant, even for a startup

We are a startup.  Our vision is lofty, and we are pursuing our journey with a zeal to create a ‘dent in the universe’.  In the process, we build and build, we burn cash, time and energy as fuel to move the startup forward.

Change is constant. The journey continues.

What we realize is that, the journey itself is enriching – especially with people who have joined and left.  Their contributions have been vital and each idea has taken time, sweat and toil.  But once in a while comes a stage, where the balance is upset.

The upset balance is essentially due to expectations vs reality,  the sudden void in vision, the sudden lack of appetite to carry on during the ‘bad days’, all add up.  What seemed to be set, falls apart.  However, the experiment throws lots of learning and enables with lessons for the journey.

One fine day, there was a vacuum, and a calm that signalled this change.  One chapter in our journey had ended.  However,  the positivity of the journey still hangs over.  In hope, we continue to move forward – in a new avatar.  Our vision does not change, but our outlook and facade, might.

One thing is constant.  Change.  The ones who adapt, survive. We are rolling forward.

The power of the pen is still undeniable.  The ink shall never dry. More news soon.

– Ashok Subramanian,

Founder, Stars of Startups

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