Never let funding stop you from chasing dreams

By Ashok Subramanian

As an entrepreneur, I have heard my fellow founders cautioning others to get ‘cash flow’ fixed before starting to build on the business. Now cash flow is either dependent on funding or revenue generation.

The core effort to get either funding or revenue has to be executed ruthlessly. Now, the key element of growth sometimes is not about making ends meet, but to make a separate track — by allocating little time per day to make progress.

The power of human conception and belief cannot be replaced by a battle for survival. There is never a position of comfort — so there is nothing called ‘let’s reach there, and then start pursuit of our dreams’.

Why?  The ability to find ways to get things done comes with great vision and will. Visionaries cannot wait forever. As they say ‘keep the ball rolling’ for ‘rolling balls don’t gather moss’.

I had this startup in mind — conceived around November 2014, and launched overnight. I needed partners who could run the show along with me — we did not need funds at all. I fumbled and there was a fracas — all over some petty issue. The magazine shutdown in five months — this was my first failure.

Exactly after six months, November 2015, I revived the idea. I was not sure how to start — but I recreated the magazine.

I had acquired new skills on building websites myself. I got a new set of founders this time. A better planning ensued. Founders knew their roles and any issues that cropped up were discussed in detail. An agreement and plan was put in place. Now, seven months later, the show is on. I never needed funds or cash flow to solve this problem.

The battle for survival — that is, generating cash flow is inevitable. But building a dream — which takes hundred other steps — can move forward without getting tied up by funding issues. When time comes, you will find the way. Do not stop in realizing your dreams because you have to battle for survival.

Ashok Subramanian


Ashok Subramanian is a serial entrepreneur, business strategist and growth hacker. You can get in touch with him at


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