After Brexit, why not Indtrance?  India is where the opportunity is

India is where the opportunity is. Come and let's do business.

Brexit is a good opportunity for investors from tumultuous European and American markets to turn to a ‘safe’  economy of India

By Ashok Subramanian

This is a simple theory of relativity. India has never been this ready for investments. A pro-business government just announced sweeping reforms to rules on foreign direct investment, opening up its defense and civil aviation sectors to complete outside ownership and clearing the way for Apple to open stores in the country. The message is clear: India is the place to put your money. That is where the mouth of consumption is.

More startups are coming up than ever before. With the initial wave of the hype receding, it is but natural for us to look at a second wave of consolidation and growth — and more mature and impact business models emerging.  Focus on agriculture, social and non-IT fields as startup subjects, is coming back.

India's stable and growing economy is a great option for investors following the volatility in Europe and America
India’s stable and growing economy is a great option for investors after the volatility in Europe and America

Let us go to the moot point — why Brexit helps Indtrance. India is economically the most stable place on earth in the next three years.  Europe is now a vulnerable sphere after the exposure to terrorism, and now after Brexit. Post Brexit, the United Kingdom (UK)  might go through political and economic tumult. The US is going through an election year and both candidates are not the most promising choices for businesses. No data can reflect upon the windfall effect of this in the next 2-3 years. With the world’s two largest economies going through this tempest, it is in all probability money has to move elsewhere.Then let us look at Middle East.  The ravages of war and the lack of support that is expected from both Europe and the US are going to inevitably slow down the already slow economies of the Middle East.  Finally, China seems to have its toughest year in its growth and is pulling down the South East Asia along the way.That leaves India. While in absolute terms, the climate being favorable for investments, in relative terms, India stands out like a beacon for all the dollar-laden ships to sail to safety. So it is no more a case of Brexit, but the dawn for Indtrance.
Come to India, let’s do business, World!

Ashok Subramanian
Ashok Subramanian


Ashok Subramanian is a serial entrepreneur, business strategist and growth hacker. You can get in touch with him at


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