Launchpad Live: Myparcelonline.com Launch

January 21, 2016 admin 0

Finally the day arrives, Myparcelonline.com is to be launched today. 1:30 pm A quick interview with Shridhar:    This was an incredible experience to conceive this project which was deep in our hearts….as employees we have witnessed great companies taking shape, we were part of others stories…we wanted to have […]

‘Myparcelonline.com’, a Single Window solution for all your parcel needs, launches on 21st January

January 20, 2016 admin 0

All preparations are afoot for the launch of (http://myparcelonline.com).  Stars of Startups caught up with  Suranjan Mallick (CEO)and Shridhar Bhagwat (CCO), amid their busy pre-launch day. What is Myparcel? In the founder’s own words, myparcelonline.com is the ‘first flagship product’ of TracXpress Distribution Solutions Pvt Ltd., ‘Grab an unique experience […]

Star Story: Aashima Jain, Owner, Digital Tadka

January 18, 2016 admin 1

SOS : Good evening Aashima Aashima: Good evening Ashok! SOS : It is a pleasure to interview you this evening Aashima: Thank you so much! I am really excited about it! Aashima: Ah! Thank you. I have tried keeping it as simple and minimal as possible.SOS: Your website is beautiful. […]

More than 50% Men buy from Women Stores

January 18, 2016 admin 0

Men form about half of the human population.  In India, a little more.  From the period of Manu or Adam – the first male as per the myths, the behaviour of male has varied between ‘interesting’ to ‘reluctance’. Men nowadays walk to a store and buy ‘that thing for women’ […]

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