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Industry 4.0 — It is about being connected

May 20, 2016 Editor StarsofStartups 0

By Ashok Subramanian Industry 4.0 is characterized by nine advances in technology — as a Boston Consulting Paper indicates. They are Big Data and Analytics, Robotics, Simulation, Horizontal and Vertical Systems Integration, Industrial Integration of Things, Cyber security, Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality and Cloud.   These technology advances summarily advance production […]

Founder is the first employee

May 13, 2016 Editor StarsofStartups 0

By Ashok Subramanian After Flipkart’s success, the entire country has seen proliferation of startups. Each city has a startup group, and both the winners and the wannabes participate with enthusiasm. The startup club talks about few things — ‘funding and co-founding’.  A key factor that is often less highlighted, but […]

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