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How to make an optimal use of email marketing campaign?

October 10, 2017 Poornima Laxmeshwar 0

Selling has evolved with internet times increasing the number of ways to sell products and services. In short, it has enhanced the approach to wide audience and to try hands in making them their customers. Email Marketing is considered to be marketing avenue with highest ROI(Return-On-Investment). According to the surveys […]

Pricing Models for Success in Startups

October 9, 2017 Poornima Laxmeshwar 0

Pricing Models adapted in the Startups play a crucial role in deciding whether the startups are going to be successful or not in future. Pricing Models have to be quite thought out and tested before implementing them. The common equation for deciding the pricing is the amount invested in getting […]

Developing apps is not cheap. Why?

October 6, 2017 Poornima Laxmeshwar 0

With so many apps available everywhere around the net, we come across the pertinent question of why app development is so expensive. The apps are cheap but what goes behind for the development of the app is expensive. The design, the developers are the reasons for them being quite expensive. […]

How can you benefit from your startup blog?

October 5, 2017 Poornima Laxmeshwar 0

With changing times, regular write-ups on passion by an individual in discrete diaries or a column in newspapers and weeklies have been taken up by blogs in world wide web today. Blogs have created a niche for itself in today’ s internet world wherein information is bombarded from multiple venues. […]

Is it time for your startup to have a CFO?

September 27, 2017 Poornima Laxmeshwar 0

Are CFOs a must for Startups? This has been a widely discussed the topic in the recent days. There are two sides to it. Some argue they are very much a necessity as they give financial perspective for the startup. Some argue it needs to be decided based on the […]

Using digital marketing for your startup, the right way!

September 26, 2017 Poornima Laxmeshwar 0

Due to the fact that all the entrepreneurs irrespective of age, industry, and volume are slowly shifting their ad budgets towards Online Marketing so, we thought of giving some Digital Marketing tips for entrepreneurs who believe in Digital Marketing and the whole new online world. Over the years, E-commerce has seen a number of changes. Traditional […]

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