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VC money — potion or poison?

June 28, 2016 Editor StarsofStartups 0

VC Money can be potion or poison depending on how you treat it By Ashok Subramanian When you actually sit and crunch numbers for your startup, you find that there is always that gap between what you need and what you have. This is what is the basis of ‘funding’. […]

Is the early entrepreneur a freelancer?

June 21, 2016 Editor StarsofStartups 0

By Ashok Subramanian Are you a freelancer?  If so, are you an entrepreneur? If you Google, you will find some articles, and some I have referred. But what is important, is that both do what they want. The idea is to show that freelancing is also entrepreneurship in a particular way. Now, […]

KEEPING IT REAL: No’s which kill your deal

June 18, 2016 Editor StarsofStartups 0

Pitching for funding is no guarantee for success. quite a lot of times, entrepreneurs face rejection. Here are some reasons for the negative response from angel investors or VCs By Vardhane Harsh I think it’s my duty to help you know the basics of why your pitch for funding may get rejected. […]

The qualities of a good entrepreneur

June 14, 2016 Editor StarsofStartups 0

Does a person with certain qualities makes better and successful entrepreneur? The verdict is unclear, but it is a fact that some characteristics nurture entrepreneurship better than other? Do you have those traits? Check out!   By Surekha Pendse Just heard a friend declare about an acquaintance: ‘Oh! She does not […]

Startups, Know your Customer, Consumer and Client

June 13, 2016 Editor StarsofStartups 0

 By Ashok Subramanian All begin with C. All sound similar — customer, consumer and client.  Most people use these interchangeably.  But these are distinct, and a clear understanding will help not only the usage, but also identifying the roles better. Consumer A consumer is normally a person who ‘consumes’ your service. […]

Validity of Quotations

June 7, 2016 admin 0

How many of us offer something to our clients – especially in B2B sales, and then the client puts in on hold.  Then comes a situation where the client re-invokes the proposal and says ‘hey, can we look at this again’.  And your last proposal – stands.  Can you dare […]

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